Membership in International Organizations

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Membership in International Organizations

International organizations are made for the favour and help of the humans in all over the world; it will be clearer with the examples of the names of some international organizations like United nation, WFP World food program, NATO ...etc, like United Nation or in short UN established after 2nd world war to provide international peace and security and to make ways together with other members inside the organization

Original Members: that are the founding fathers of the international organization they enter the organization from the establishment of the organization

Adhering Members: a state has to meet and full fill procedure, conditions that is determined to be a member and it’s not only for original members new members may enter and join 


1-      It is open and every state is free to join or to not join

2-      Membership is conditional on fulfilment of certain conditions

3-      Request of admission must be accepted by competent organs they are free they can accept or they can reject

The Rights

1-      The right to be represented in the organization

2-      The right to take part in discussion

3-      The right to receive documentation sent to other members

4-      The right to participate in work for organizations

5-      The right to vote

6-      The right to be eligible for elections 


1-      Duty to cooperate with organization

2-      Obligation to grant necessary immunity to organization

3-      Payment of shares in budget of organization

4-      Duty to adopt policies to impede action of organization

5-      Duty to individually assist organization to achieve its competences

6-      Duty Good faith or which is called vis-a-vis

7-      Duty to observe purpose principles of the organization

8-      Duty of solidarity that the workers should work hard for the organizations aim  

9-      Duty to respect international character

10-  Not to behave in way that may injury the interest or dignity of the organization 


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