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Every thing in this world has its own merits and demerits. Nothing is perfect in this world. Perfection lies on the in God. So town life and country life has also there on advantages and disadvantages. Things, pleasure, senses, entertainment and recreation which one find in cities are not available in countryside .

The villages get fresh vegetables and get fresh air and beautiful environment.  Moreover, a village is free from the dust, noise, smoke and pollution. But all of these things are present in cities. Villages are near to nature and they will gives a clean environment. In villages the people are innocent and lead a simple life they are not aware of the practices which go in towns and cities.

The countryside is superior to town in many other ways. The life green fields, the vast meadows,  groves of trees, the lovely landscapes, the farmers working in their field, reaping the crops and chirping of birds are scenes and sights at once elevating and cheerful. Peace which is found in the villages, urban people can never think of it. Simplicity is there everywhere in the villages.

They live are very simple. They live like a family . They have common place and grief. But there are certain other things which one does not get in villages. These can only be found in town, cinemas,  telephone,  television, refrigerators are some of the facilities which are found only in towns and cities.

The means of entertainment and recreation and others are done art, culture and civilization are found in town . In villages the peoples are quite ignoring of the trends which are prevalent among the city for the enjoy are the modern facilities. They lived a very comfortable life and they can get what ever he wish.

Moreover, the smokey atmosphere, the dirty and noisy road, the insanitary condition of cities,  the pollution of factories and industries, the lack of good diet and fresh air are some of the deficiencies of town life. In cities the street are very close and peoples lived in a very small houses . The people are move and the capacity is limited.

The country life and town life stand in a striking contrast. The facilities of one are the drawbacks of the other. City people are cultured, civilized and clever then the peoples of villages. But still the life of small village is worth enjoying the clean,  it provides the peace of mind and are very beautiful and close to the nature .

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