Method Of Making Gel Candles In Home

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                         Today in market you can find a good range of beautiful wax or gel candles that makes your home beautiful. Candles are normally used for light but today in market artistic candles found that can also be used for decoration or make your dinner party beautiful and romantic. Some time these fragranced beautiful candles are high in cost and we can’t afford these. Then don’t worry now you can make these beautiful candles in home as per your choice. There is no hard method which you have to fellow. The need is only of proper care and alertness. Let’s have look on gel candles making


  • Wax gel
  • Candle wick
  • Glass jar
  • Die color
  • Ornaments or decoration material
  • Steal pan



  • In a pouring pot warm up the gel on low flam when it liquidity add fragrance and color of your choice.
  • Take a glass jar of your choice that will be inflammable and won’t crack with wax heat.
  • On the bottom of jar apply small glue and put wick on glue. You can roll the wick on pen or pencil and put pencil on top of the jar.
  • When wick set you can add liquidity gel half in jar then add objects or decoration material what you like and after remaining gel add in jar.
  • Now set the gel. And when it solidifies you can use it.



  • Use only that material that can withstand with heat.
  • Use steal spatula to stir the gel.
  • If there are bubbles in candle you can place it on indirect sun flame.
  • Slowly pour gel in glass container.



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