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Bitlanders is a social media site which is made for the people to deal with the needs if they have the talent in different fields like filmmaking,Graphic designing and animations etc.They can fined the directors who can check their videos and call them to come in for work so its a platform for them to promote the talent in other words.

Reward system

Bitlanders is providing the platform for its Users to complete the certain tasks and earn the reward for using the it and to promote the content which is having copyrights or the content which is the creation of the User.In this way the user can promote his talent in respective arts and can meet the masters of the field.The Bilanders is providing the daily reward system in which they don't miss the day for Log in in to the account for maintain the buzz for 7 (seven) days.The buzz score counts for earnings and it direct effects the earnings as much as the buzz score is higher as the earnings will be.The treasure box appears each day and the with opening of it the earnings reveals for the whole day.

Payment Mode

Bitlanders pays in bitcoins which is another powerful digital currency in time and it is first site that pays bitcoins in a high node. 

No investment criteria 

Bitlanders is totally free site there is no need of investment in it.It pays in bitcoins without any investment in which you have to invest and wait for the profit or to loss.It is investment free site.You can make an account and log in it at any time.

Privacy Protection

Bitlanders is making it sure that the privacy of he User must save in this way they introduced the avatar system in which the User is able to create the avatar at choice.This is not compulsory for the user to upload the photo in it and to give the personal information which un-necessary or private.

The User is very much save with respect to the information given by him/her and no other irrelevant activity is possible.It is platform for the Users not only to the matures but also who are teens.It is not possible in any other site because you have to provide the identification but in bitlanders.It is creating the environment to the people who are little shy being global because of the Privacy settings and long Procedures.It is a gamified zone in which you play and earn the reward.


In bitlander gems are having importance because the shopping for the different items for avatar id only possible through Gems.6 differant packages are available as in the screen shot under.On buying of any respective package the buzz in Orange colour shows added in the main buzz which is in blue added for the 5 days.


BitFashionista is a portion in which the different items are available for the avatars on need or at choice of User one can buy the Items for avatar with the use of Gems and the 2 power ups added in the main buzz for next respective days.

Rewards Balance

The daily earnings saves in the overall balance the shows in the top of the screen right next to gems and the withdrawal is possible from bitlanders your personal wallet.

There are two basic withdraw options for the Users in which the withdraw is possible if the amount reaches 0.02500000 and the next option of withdraw is 0.05000000.

Transfer of withdrawal amount

The withdrawal amount transfers after 3 to 5 days in to the wallet the address you give.

Promoting the special cause

Bitlanders is promoting the special cause that is to support by donation and online donating and supporting the different charities by paying them in digital currency that is bitcoin.The Users Support their favourite charities by donating bitcoins as well gaining the buzzscore.This is a User Friendly platform i which the User is able to give donation in digital form by donating the micro BTC by the cost of 10 satoshi.

You can join the bitcharities if you are belong a nonprofit organization it is easy to support the charity you can make profile and retarget the charity by making your own profile on it by the support of more than 500,000 users of bitlanders and 180 fans and its friends.

Bitcharities are gathering almost 8000 donations as an average daily.

Earn the Double Reward

The bitlanders is offering its Users to write on the certain topics given to its Users by the Team and to earn the double reward in shape of stars achieving on the result one can maximize the earnings and while submitting the blog for the review.


The bulk of unwanted message and the interruption of viruses that seized down all the activity on the internet with the involvement of copyrights and publications Lawful objects.Without any permission the involvement of such bulk messages is causing spam.

Methods to Stay Away from Spam

Every site has its own rules and regulations due to which the User's has to undergo the following rules and regulations to same them from spam which is necessary for every User.There are certain methods to avoid spam.Some of them are s follows.

 1) Do not Copy Paste

Bitlanders is a Platform that is providing the Opportunity to its users if they are good writer and want to dedicate the time in writing so this is best place to be in at any time but there is no use of Copy the content from any where else except the content you create by your own-self.It is a promotional site as well can be dangerous for the site to survive in the social media.

2 ) Create the Original Content

There are many talented Users who spend most of the time in bitlanders and stay updated all the time and collection of information is also possible through it.The User must create his original content.Suppose,If You are a good camera operater and you are going for outing and with having a camera which is best suitable in high definition take the pictures and capture the view in it and put the video in bitlanders.So basically this video is your belongings not anyone else.The directors are available on bitlanders which can see he promotion and video available by you and an contact a person indirectly.

3) writing blogs and submission for review

The writing blog is another opportunity for the user to write the blog and submit it for review and earn the double reward with achieving the stars from 1 to 5 on the announcement of result.

4) MicroBlogs

MicroBlogs the informational content based on any type and by using the hashtag with them.In this way the Users  stay updated all the time and the information which is most important to deliver should also done by that way.It can be used as @ of etc.

5) No buzz deal

The biggest reason for spam is to ask for buzz and sub.People making buzz deals with each other.I don't think so,If you buzz a person without asking him he make it sure at the next time that this person is consistently buzzing me why not I? so in this way it also encourages the other user to be consistent using bitlanders.



Why to choose bitlanders?

I worked a lot in online using sites for more than 3 Years and I Used many sites which were free and also the investment sites.As long as started working on BITLANDERS i found it much interesting as there is no investment in it ,just creating the account and log in the site you can achieve the buzz score and maintaining the buzz score the earnings counts.Within touch a distance i was in top 10 list of bitlander's Leaderboard for much time but as I slow down my work i came a little down in the rank with effect in the earnings as well.

I am still working on it and do not want to left off because i am Going well in it and want to do as much as I can.

There are many other online sites which are free to use and paying in BTC But Bitlanders in the best of all because the earning is high as compare to others.There are no hard and fast rules of it.

I would Say Just,

                             Use bitlanders and earn but Stay Away from Spam.


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