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Mexican Steaks

Step 1: Chicken Marination
Chicken Breast Boneless 1 Kg
Worcestershire Sauce ¼ Cup
French Mustard Paste 2 Tbsp
Black Pepper ½ Tsp
Paprika Powder 1 Tbsp
Oil ¼ Cup
Salt To Taste
Step 2: Pasta Sauce
Oil ½ Cup
Garlic (Chopped) 2 Tbsp
Fettueinni Pasta 1 Pkt
Tomato Sauce or Fresh Query 3 Cups
Oregano Leaves 1 Tsp
Black Pepper ¼ Tsp
Salt To Taste
Worcestershire Sauce 3 Tbsp
Green Chilies 3 to 4
Step 3: Tomato Fresh Query
Oil 1 Cup
Onions (Fine Chopped) ½ Cup
Garlic (Fine Chopped) 3 Tbsp
Tomato Paste 1 Small Tin
White Vinegar ¼ Cup
Sugar 2 Tbsp
Red Crushed Chilies 2 Tbsp
Black Pepper 1 Tsp
Salt 1 Tsp
Oregano Leaves 2 Tbsp
Tomato Ketchup ½ Cup
Step 4: Garnishing
Tomato Sauce 2 Tbsp
Cheddar Cheese 2 Tbsp


Chicken Marination Process

First marinate chicken with Worcestershire sauce, French mustard paste, black pepper, paprika powder, oil and salt to taste. After half an hour grilled the chicken.

Tomato Fresh Query

To prepare the tomato sauce: Boil the tomatoes for the purpose ofremoving tomatoes skin. After removing the skin of boiled tomatoes grind in a blender machine. Heat some oil in a sauce pan add the garlic sauté for a minute then add the onions. Cook the onions still light brown. Then add the tomato paste, fresh puree tomato sauce, white vinegar, black pepper, red crushed chilies, oregano leaves, sugar, salt to taste and tomato ketchup. Cook till it starts simmering. Taste to see if any further seasoning is required.

Pasta Sauce

Take a stock pot. Heat some oil in a stock pot and add the garlic chopped for a minute. Then add boiled pasta. Season with tomato sauce or tomato fresh query, oregano leaves, black pepper, salt to taste, Worcestershire sauce and finally add the green chilies. Cook it in the medium flame heat for a few minutes.

Chicken Steaks Garnishing

Sprinkle some Tomato sauce and cheese on the top and place in a preheated oven. Let the cheese turn slightly golden brown on top.

Cook Time: 15 Minutes.
Serve Hot.

Zara's Ministry Of Food's photo.
Zara's Ministry Of Food's photo.

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