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Needless to say I'm working on my next short to follow 'Munindigesional Void' in the recently initiated 'Paper Cut Collection'. Here's a little insight as to what to expect:

'Working Title: Welcome Back Chris Mouse' is set primarily on a car journey from Manchester Airport to Chris Mouse's home in the West Midlands of England.

Chris Mouse is Mickey Mouse's lesser known British brother who has never been keen to meet him, but when they are reunited as 'friends' on Facebook, an offer of two free tickets to America proves to be an opportunity Chris can't refuse.

Chris Mouse and his trip buddy SFC (Stevie Fried Chicken) explain their last week in America to Mitch (based on the Michelin Man) who is driving them home from the airport. Mitch, however has news concerning Chris himself, which may make him regret not taking his girlfriend with him on the trip instead of SFC. 

The story first spawned from a drawing I tried to do of Mickey Mouse many years ago (late 90's), but came out very wrong in a good sort of way. I decided there and then it was his brother Chris and knew there could be a short story in it somewhere. From that, I've drawn other characters based on mascots commonly seen in the UK. As well as Mitch and SFC, I've also done concept drawings for characters based on Captain Birdseye and The Green Giant. As you might have noticed from Munindigesional Void, I'm not an expert illustrator by any stretch of the imagination, but they're in my distinct style ou can check them out here: 

The story explains moments of hostility (especially towards Donald Duck) and due to moments in my own life recently that have ironically similar circumstances, I have been a little put off the writing about violence. I wasn't directly amidst the blows thankfully and will take inspiration from the situation, but I aim to work on the more peaceful aspects of the film for the time being.

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