Middle eastern food (fill chicken with hot sauce)

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½ chicken breasts      1 medium

Chopped walnuts       30 g

Red sour plum        3pcs

Chopped parsley  30 grams

Chopped onion shines    1 medium

1 medium onion rings for a steaming chicken

Chicken curry, turmeric and spices powder and required amount of lemons

Salt and pepper as require 

2 tablespoons tomato paste

Tomato puree   2 pcs

1 tsp red pepper (The hottest is depending on your taste)

For sauce, 2 tablespoons parsley, chopped


Spread chicken breast with a sharp knife; just be careful not to tear the meat.

Add the Spicy chicken and lemon powder, salt and curry all together to a pot, and make spice all the part of chicken. We fry the onion shines with oil until it becomes yellow then add the mentioned spices into the onion to steam and also add the walnuts, Red sour plum, salt and parsley, then turning off the heat.

Now, fill the spicy chicken breasts with this material. And close two sides of chicken barest with string. Then you can put it in microwave in 180 C heats, and you can put the chicken in 4 circle of onion and add some water and cover it with foil and let it to cook for minutes then remove  the foil over the chicken until the chicken is roasting. It can be steamed and then fried.

Meanwhile the chicken steamed, you can make the sauce, Add the olive oil and add the tomato paste into that then add parsley, tomato puree , salt and red pepper to that and let it to boil for 5 or 8 minute until the water evaporates and the tomato sauce should be thick.

At the end put the roasted chicken in the sauce and eat it with rice or bread. 

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Sanam Noori is from Herat Afghanistan and she was born in 1988 in historical city of Herat. During the Taliban Regime they immigrated to the Iran and she studied her elementary school there. she trained and learned the basic of cooking by professional Asian cookers in Iran. After Taliban regime…

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