Mina Lux on Digital Media and Women Empowerment in Afghanistan

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For the last 18+ years, Mina Lux has been working in digital media: marketing to women, empowering women, informing women and mentoring women. She is also an entrepreneur that had built companies, brands and technology platforms.

 As the SEO and president of Meelo logic she says that m Milo allows marketers to know how many people their branders reaching in any given time and compare against the compotators and understand that what are their compotators doing on line and how well they doing what are they succeeding at and where are failing at so that they can get that data.

Mina Lux as the senior vice president of online marketing and working women network as it now became as working mother and the inspirations behind that for her was the great vision of that, the vision to connect women in minority in businesses, also empowering women was a big inspiration for her and work life women on balance issues which is all of women are juggling daily, between their children, husband, family and their work.

As she mentioned, in the same time they help to expand the women to scope in the world for mentoring, so women want to work socially together, collaborate together, so we connect female executive with younger women to help hand hold them and inter them in to where their level would be refer to.

The role of social and digital media particularly in Afghanistan in Mina Lux opinion:

She thinks that mentoring is a great thing in because, we usually do not know other cultures people, so in this regard as the social media is the media platform and as well as digital media to get information for mentoring access, and also women in Afghanistan can use the past experiences of weak and power point of business through this platform.

In case of involving to a problem with current career development which a female executive might be in counter with so this is the place for them to solve their problem by consulting and getting aspect, and the side is that we should not feel ourselves to specific region and be in touch with the specific group, we should involve all our work to the entire world by social and digital media.

Mila advices for women in Afghanistan is to keep added, never afraid to ask a question, never feel hopeless in time of in counter with failure, since starting and continuing even a little career is an abstract and hard work, and find the mentoring platform that can be comfortable with

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