Minerals of Pakistan

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The natural materials present on Earth are called minerals.Rocks are formed only by minerals.Allah has endowed our country with millions of natural resources.





The following are some of the minerals of Pakistan:


Gemstones are used for human establishment due their colour,attraction and durability.Most of these are the chemical compounds of aluminium,uranium,silicon and carbon.Emerald,Topaz,aquamarine,sapphire,ruby,opal and garnet.


It is an ore of chromium.Its colour is black or dark brown.Chromium metal is obtained by heating it with aluminium.Chromium is used in various industries of tanneries and many other uses like photography.In Pakistan it is available at different places like Bagh,Hari Chand,Lasbella etc.


Hematite is a famous ore of iron.Iron is used to make steel.Iron is used to make steel.It has several alloys.In Pakistan it is found in Abbottabad,Sakesar,Kala Bagh etc.


Copper is very important metal.With the help of it electric appliances,wires,coins,parts of machines and different instruments are made.


Our country has yet not become self sufficient in the production of oil.Pakistan obtain petroleum,kerosene oil and diesel by the refining of its crude oil.

Natural Gas:

Natural gas is used for the production of fertilizers,electric power and for full filling the energy needs of industries as well as of homes.


Coal is used in homes,brick kilns and industries.The deposits of coal in Pakistan are available in Kach,Kotli,Balgor etc.




Rock salt:

The commercial name of natural mineral hallte is rock salt.It is used in food and in drawing meet fish packing,laundry and in textile.

      Pakistan has many other natural resources like gypsum,phosphate rock,sulphur and uranium.








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