Mobile apps for easy life

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Mobile apps for easy life



In this era of speed, we want to find as many ways as possible to make our lives much easier and faster. One way to do so is by using smart-phone apps that help us from measuring our health status (some are even capable to take your pulse), measure calories burned while you are hiking, open your TV or remote your wireless devices in the house, playing games, navigate (used as GPS) and reading e-mails. Apps have a great influence on your daily life and can be very helpful if they are not overused. We can actually affirm that we are currently experiencing a revolution of mobile apps.

Every app store includes plenty of great apps that you can choose from. The good part is that most of them are actually free of charge (some still show some adverts to stay free). At the moment, the 4 most popular operating systems are: Apple’s iOS, Android (Google), Blackberry OS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. Although IPhone has the most apps than any other competitor (with more than 500.000 apps currently available), Android apps are catching up fast.
There are apps for everything, literally everything, except I think is maybe for making your morning coffee :)
Among the most popular apps on cell phones (but not necessarily most used), we mention: Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Weather Channels, GPS apps, Instagram, Twitter, Google Play etc. To me, the most useful cellphone apps are productivity ones, news apps and wellness/medical apps.
People search apps for entertainment purposes, information and useful services. According to The Statistics Portal, the most popular app categories are games (21.14%), followed by education (10.1%), business (9.9%), lifestyle (8.16%) and entertainment (6.9%).
Marketing for businesses has gone to a whole other level since the development of cell phone apps, when companies have started to make their one apps. Take for example Stanley Works, who created an app that uses the cell phone as a level. Today, advertising through mobile apps means more for a company than the old advertising techniques out there.
The use of smartphones, tablets and similar devices has determined a massive growth of cell phone apps. Mobile apps continue to dominate mobile web. Day by day, the app usage will continue to rise, dominating all the other ways people use cell phones, making our lives much easier. Personally, I wouldn’t know how to manage without my productivity apps. As Carrie Underwood said: ” My cell phone is my best friend. It's my lifeline to the outside world.”

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