Mobile Phone is great invention

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Mobile Phone is latest technology of 21st century and it is has made life very easy and thousands people are using mobiles and without mobile phone, communication is not possible. Mobile phone is best way of best communication.



Today mobile phone is important source of communication, through this you can communicate with your family, friends overseas.  You can talk with your friends through messages, calls and massage’s. It is may be the main reason why almost all people today choose to own cell phones.  Mobile Phone is also helpful for the companies’ works, schedules and you can play games, relax with music and different excited applications.  Mobile Phone can solve many issues in your hands. Mobile Phone is also available in many latest versions and you can use internet through wireless connection in cell phones.



There are many disadvantages of mobile phones, like Using a lot cell phone can harm your brain and heart.  16 years old children’s should not use cell phones. Mobiles Phones can cause ear problems, brain problems and other harm problems. People often use cell phones during the driving and then mobile phones can cause to accident so we should not use mobile phones during the driving.,

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