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We had a great time filming FORD model Emily Towner when she showed up at Alena Soboleva's Saturday photoshoot at our studio. Alexey captured some beautiful footage as she posed for the photographer, around 20 minutes in total, with a 5 minute interview. In conversation we became aware of Emily's talent as an accomplished singer/songwriter and she gave us an impromptu song, much to our delight.

As Alexey and I poured over the images from our side of the photoshoot for editing an opportunity presented itself. We figured why not create a music video with one of Emily's performances from a gig she did in Nashville, Tennessee this year. The background sound of the audience played well to the behind the scenes vibe we were presenting.

We found the right section of her original song 'WITH YOU' to meet the video's desired length (3 minutes), cut down the raw footage, and went to work piecing it all together for the final video. 

We seldom know the personality or talents of the models who walk through our door for shoots and it's a pleasure when the outcome works in an unexpected fashion!

Have a look at Emily Towner's Behind the Scenes, Music Video, featuring her live performance of 'With You'.






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