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We have a great opportunity that we have embraced on a number of occasions shooting the behind the scenes for an impressive young fashion photographer, Alena Soboleva. We are strong believers in her talent and the prospect of her becoming a top fashion photographer for the biggest brands. While she works on her model photoshoot with her talented team, the Models WebTV production crew stays in the background capturing plenty of moving image that Alena does not have time to document while instructing the team or actually taking her stills.

Our thought process is that the accompanying video, showing the movement of the model while posing for Alena, possibly a short interview to showcase the models energy and charisma, edited smartly (nothing compromising to the model whatsoever), a cool song, titles in the front and credits for everyone at the videos end will be a huge bonus piece of content for the days work. 

The beneficiaries of this behind the scenes we hope will be the model and agency, whose booker can use the video to send to clients for a moving representation of the model as opposed to a simple comp card that is industry standard;  the photographer, whose potential clients can see how the photographer creates their work while also capturing another audience on film distribution platforms like Models WebTV and Film Annex that still photography is not a paramount concern; and finally the crew (makeup, hair, stylist, all assistants) who are typically left out of the limelight but now have a strong piece of content for sharing on social media to promote their specific talents.

The editing is by far the most extensive part of the finished product, but we believe it is well worth the investment.

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