Modern Slavery In America (Part 1)

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At the moment, more than 20 Lakh persons are incarcerated in U.S. Federal and State prisons and county jails. Most of them belong to the Black & Hispanic communities. These prisoners are working for the many industries at very low wage. For the American industrialists and businessmen, these helpless prisoners worth more than a gold mine.

Industrialists do not have to worry if these prisoners are going on strike of some kind, and they even don't have to get these prisoners any kind of insurance. These helpless workers don't ask for holidays neither do they have personal tasks to get done, they do not even go outside. They all are full time employees, they are never absent, and they never come to work late. If any of these employees rejects to work for 25 cents per hour, he gets the punishment in form of solitary confinement.

According to the numbers, there are 50% more prisoners in American jails than there are in Chinese jails even when the population of China is five times greater than of America. There are 10 Lakh persons behind bars in China as compared with the 20 Lakh of America.

In 1975, there were only 3 Lakh prisoners in US jails, but today the number has exceeded to 20 Lakh. Moreover, 10 years ago, there were only five private jails, holding only 2000 inmates. But today, there are more than 100 private jails in America, holding 62000 inmates. It is predicted that this number will exceed to 3 Lakh in coming years. The question is that what has happened in last 10 years that resulted into such a great population of inmates behind bars in America?

Actually, the business of private jails has turned into a full industry that is not just booming but also growing so rapidly. Most of the people who invest into this industry belong to the Wall Street. An American social worker Susan Wahn says that this industry holds its own trade exhibitions and conventions. It also has its own Websites, Catalogs, Advertisement Companies, Construction Companies, Investment Companies, Food Companies and Security Companies.


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