Modern Western Civilization and the status of woman

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Women have never gotten her basic rights in the Western society and will never do so even in future until and unless they try to refer to the universal law which can not be looked for except in Islam. It is impossible to get it until this religion comes inot power and existance and to rule over these countries. 

They will never get their basic rights until the true law of the real Creator of the universe is recognized as an official law by them and through out the univers. They can never be successful neither in this world, nor in the world called “Hereafter” until the true law of God “Allah” starts to become the governing law of these countries, and until they find their way to get out of this black darkness of ignorance to the bright, sunny fields of successfulness. By mentioning these few words, we should now go and see the golden glorious and shinning countries for which many young and old people, male and female in the muslim countries are wishing to reach and live there, that how the poor woman is being treated? See and do the jugement by ourself that how the poor creature of God is being treated through out the history of humanbeing? The followings are few examples out of thousands from the golden glorious time of woman’s victory to her struggle through many centuries.



“In the beginning of the modern age, efforts made to raise the womanfolk from virtual slavery brought about wholesome effects in community of life. Regorious regulations relations relating to marriage and divorce were moderated. Economic rights of woman of which they had been completely deprived were almost restored. Moral doctorines which held women low and contemptible were reformed. Socieal concepts which had reduced them to virtual slavery were modified. Portals of higher education and trainings were opened to them also along with men. These reforms gradually helped to bring our hidden capabilities suppressed by wrong social laws and moral concepts”.[1]


By the end of 18th century and incoming of 19th century, corruption in everything began to display its ugly face among the western societies, specially sex – sedition was appearing step by step which by now it has been spreaded all over the western countries, and unfortunately because of the facts mentioned above, this sickness has started to spread even in the muslim countries. It was because of the western philosophers’ declaration on the sex – sedition between man and woman. The western philosophers defined the sexual intercourse between the two male and female a mere biological urge which forced the two male and female to act and be active. Indid, and without any doubt, the real objective point of view of these modern philosophers was to spread out sex – sedition among not only the western societies, but to spread it through all the societies of the world and to ruin the basics of moral and legal relationship between mand woman which comes through the marriage. They began to creat and use TVS, radios, mobile phones, news, magazines, cenamas, internets and other possible weapons which could be helpful in their missions.

The great scholar of the Islamic world Mohammad Qutb writes in his book (Jahiliyati Qarni Bistom (Al-Jahiliya - Fil-Qarnul _ Uishreen) I have studied it in Persian language and translated it into English, mentions about the some of the Zion’s Plans as follows:

“Zions protocol clearly indicated that they should heartily try and do their best to desolate and ruin the moral elements everywhere in the world especially in the Islamic countries, and to make the way for their influence smoth and level that finally the muslims would have been influenced by them. They said that “Farwid”, is from our own and has given us the viewpoints to do so. After this, the moral elements began putting steeps towards desolation and then taking into view all clear texts and wordings about the corruption in sex – relationship, there can remained even a small spot for any kind of doubt that sex – sedition  is apart from immorality”.[1]


This is known almost to every body that at the present time, there are four copies of “New Testiments” which are not of the same text and version. There is a saying of Hazrati Musa “Musus” that if your eye treaches you, then immediately you should pull it out of your head and throw it away, because it is better that throw away only one part of your body, while if not throuwn, it would desolate all other parts of the body and take all parts of your body into the Hell.


Another basic cause for the sex –sedition in the western countries has been the dry Christian priesthood which Islam obviously objects and is against that kind of religious obligations. There are neither priesthood nor monasticism in Islam. It has been forbidden both by the Holy Qur, aan, and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be up on Him). Priesthood is an invention of Christianity after Musa (Peace be up on Him) and has no place in Islam. God has never ordered them to be monks in the Churches, but they have picked it out from their own innovation and heresy.


Mohammad Qutb mentions in his book as:


“Christian Monks declared the male and female relationship a filthy and unclean action, regarding it as a sin. They representated to the people that woman was an unclean and evil creature, whom should be avoided by them. Marriage between man and woman was an animal instinct urge, and virtuous and fortunate were those who had power to control that urge by living as a bachelor or apart from his legal wife. Time passed and because of the effections of these wrong opinions of the western philosophers, the situation in Europe became worse, debauchery, fornication began to appear with an uncontrollable high speed. This speedily appearance of debauchery and fornication from one side and the dry priesthood of Christianity from other side was searchin g a way to escape from this very bad condition to the fields and forests. Christian monks used to kidnap the two years old children from the streets while they were walking behind their mothers to cross the stret. They took them to the forests with them and started teaching them priesthoods”. Then the great scholar of muslims,  Muhammad Qutb restates in his book Al-Jahiliya Fil – Qarnul –Uishreen some of “Lecky’s view points over the subject as follows:

“The universe in those days was situated between the dry hard priesthood and uncontrollable debaucheries. Those cities, in which the great monks were living at the meantime, were the most pioneer cities in deboucheries. In such times, dbouchries, wrong thoughts and wrong immaginitions that previous enimies of honour and dignity of mankind were alltogather in time and cooperator. They all had joined hands in abolishing the honour and dignity of humanbeing”.[1]


As you read the said book, the writer expresses that hatred which had come out of the shadowe of the priesthood from the subject of sex, like this:


“At that time, man escaped from the shadow of woman, mixture with them was known a great sin by the western people. They believed that to face women in the streets or roads, was a sin which would not be forgiven by God Almighty. Talking to them would have destroyed all of one’s good deeds whether they were their mothers, sisters, wives or any other relatives”.[1]


Maulana Sayed Abul – Ala – Maudoodi in his book titled “Al-Hijab” restates some of Lecky’s views about the western concept like this:


“Basic view point among them was, that a woman was the source of all sins, bad deeds, debouhery and cause for commiting “Zina” (Adultry); she is the door to Hell which leads mant to, because she is the source of intigation and urge to man’s commitin g the sins. And the stream of all human sins is boiling in the nature of woman. Taking into account all these points, repentance and shyness is enough for her that she is a female sex. She must be ashamed of her beauty, because her beauty is the sharpest weapon among the stanit weapons against man. She always has to expiate and should be aware of this act, because it is she who has brought all the evils and misfortunes for the humanbeing on earth”.[2]


“Another western philosopher Chrysostem, regardging to the same discussion says: she is that calamity that one can not escap it. She is satanic temptation of the nature and agreeable calamity. She is a great danger to the house and to all of its members. She is the sweethearted who kills her lover by her deceit and tricks, and like a beautiful hidden snake in the grass His (Chrysostem’s) second view point is that the relationship between man and woman, infact is unclean and defielded and it is obligatory on every one to avoid it, even if it comes through the legal way of marraiage, still it is filthy and unclean and diry affair.”[3]


On December 11, 1989, when I was listening very attentively to my teacher who was teaching us politics, all of a sudden, I heared a very peculiar speech which had never heared before. During his lecture that day, he said that nowadays in America marriage with one’s mother is legal and lawful. He went on saying that marriage with one’s sister is lawful also. One can not believe it immediately but he said it is a fact. I also was one of those who after hearing this shocking news, could not believe, because it was the first time in my life to hear such an aberration in a most developed and civilized country of the world today and a country which claims the leadership of the world.


“The western nations though Christian in name, are voteries of the materialistic civilization like communists, there are no ethics for both and they stick at nothing in furthering their ends. Wherever the Muslims are concerned, the crusading spirit still pervades and they have done or they are doing their utmost to destroy them and their culture. They can never forgive muslims and followers of Islam for their being as muslims”[4].


Every one knows that a western woman has to earn her own livelihood by herself. A married woman or a house – wife has to earn it by working hard outside the house and pay her equal share in home necessities. The family there is not exactly the type of a family, the home there looks like a hotel where the passengers go in and pass their nights and in the morning they leave for work rather than to be like a house. You will never find their any type of true love and kindness from the elders towards the youngsters or respect from the youngsters to the elders. Whenever they meet each other, stare at each other like strangers do look at one another.


“The woman has further been exploited even to work for her livelihood in addition to and at the cost of looking after home and children. The homes do not remain home, but becomes a sort of holtel where the occupants come to spend the night and goes out to work in the morning. What sort of a home can it be, and what sort of a marriage life; looking after home and children is a whole time affair and man should be grateful to the woman for undertaking such a duty. No wonder under such conditions, the homes are broken; jiviniles delinquency increases. The western man has come to realize the mess he is in, but finds himself helpless now in stoping the choes he has created. The woman has been brought up into competition with man on equal terms on the plea of being self supporint, thus increasing unemployment in man and there fore depriving a family of livelihood”[5].

Adultery and fornication have become a hoby of every one in the western society. They think it an ordinary thing, as a fashion in the United States of America and other western countries, a girl never gets married until and uless she should have had a sexual intercourse with somebody other than the one with whom she is going to get married befoe getting married. If she doesn’t do this, her husband would say that she was ugly and moreover the ugliest girl in that area that nobody wanted to to have sexual intercourse with her before marriage.


“Some girls have as many as twelve pregnancies before they marry, a doctor said here yesterday. Dr. Roger Myrick told a conference of general practationers, “So many girls are now seeking a partner” to suit their situation or neaurosis. It may take some girls twelve pregnancies to do this. And they may settle down to a very stable relationship”, he said.[6]


Now I think it may not be so much bad to have a quick glance at the great powerful and most civilized society of the modern world. We will observe the condition of civilized and most developed country of the world today a little bit more.


“Whether or not marital infeditlity is actually increasing in the USA, adultery has become almost a light hearted and guilts – free pastime speaking at annual meeting of the United States of America psychiatric association in Bel –Harbour, Fla, last week, Dr. Leon Salzman of Georgetown University medical school noted that, contrary to popular thinking a large number of adulters are neither anxious nor conscience striken. With rediculious eas, these philanders convince themselves that an affairs is either necessary to maintain their own mental health, or device for allowing them to tolerate a barely compatible husband or wilfe while still remaining married”.

“The western materialism is concerned with making money only, irrespective of the means and its far – reaching possible effects on the the community. There is little difference between the capitalistic and communist materialism. Basically they are the same with the some objective of making money irrespective of means”[7]


This is a misunderstanding of those who think of the modern western woman highly regarded, or have been given the same status as the western man. Some ignorant Muslims even in our Muslim countries and nowadays in our own country think that the western women are equals of men in every aspect of life. I clearly say that they have not yet studied the status of woman in the western new civilization. Their misunderstanding of the status of woman in the west is because they are unaware of the real situation of woman in the western countries of today. A woman nowadays in these modern and developed civilized countries has the lowest situation of the human rights internationally recognized.


Nowadays, a woman has to appear naked, out of hom to earn her livelihood. She has to go out without clothes; otherwise it would be impossible for her to earn her all necessities. It is an excellent behavior of her to come out of the house completely naked, because the modern civilized people think it good and upto date fashion. So what is wrong about a woman to be covered when she wants to come out of her house? Or Is it even worse and fell ashamed while going out of the house completely naked and show all her body. What is the difference between a humanbeing and an animal in such a situation? Where can you see the civilization in such a situation?


Other ways of earning of woman in the western countries is that she has to work hard as hard as a man does or to some extent even harder. Although, western people know this very well that a woman is weaker than a man physically and according to the investigations done by some scholars of them who say that they are mentally not equal of men, yet they have to work as much the men do in the western society.  They work as much work as the men do but they have never got the same wages as the men have gotten. They have never been paid as much the men workers have been paid. This is the justice of the western people for which some of our ignorant muslim women are mad of that and they also are trying and want to be like the western woman free to be naked or to wear pants and so and so. This is the nakedness of woman which ruins the basic of moral and leads the people to the fields of immorality.


Now at this point, I think the readers may be able to judge by themselves that in a society where there a woman has not any value and honour and has not any difference from man in any point of view, what would you think be the situation of such a society of which our ignorant young male and female are wishing to have the opportunity to live in. You can imagine that in a society in which there is nothing shameful for a woman to be ashamed of, what honour and glory that woman has in it and how can the morality be flourished in a society like that. The basic reason of immorality in the western society is the nakedness and prostitution of woman increasing day by day. The nakedness of women in the west, I can say is not their own wishes, but rather it is their situation and helplessness in western society which urges them to be naked, become prostitutes, commit adultery and fornication. From other side, they are allowed to illegitimate relations. Currently, there is not any such way to stop them from doing this.


“Where do the bars get girls willing to take off their clothes for a salary runging from 125 to 250 USD weekly? Depending on the locale of the club, their looks and degree of modesty required, a lot of performance who can actually dance or have beauty, can command 300 dollars weekly, some wandering straight from high school looking for any kind of job. Some are codes from San –Francisco State University. Some are young house wives helping their husband through colleages, and some enjoy the male stares, while other just likes the money”.


“I started out as topless”, “One twenty years old blond told an interviewer”. I was scared to death when I auditioned for the boss, and then when I went on stage to dance just topless, I turned every colour in the rainbow. I got used to it and didn’t think about it. Infact I felt good, dancing felt so free. Then they asked me to go bottomless at a slary raised and had to think about it pretty hard”, she added I finally told myself it was just another steep why not”?[8]

She goes on like this: “A brunette from Los Angeles said, “Every body has their own standards. But I have nothing to hide and I don’t think there is anything wrong with the human body”[9].


Now I think if we have another quick look at Christianity, would not be bad, we will see that how the woman is behaved according to their belief.

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