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When the world was sinking in the abyss of ignorance and civil and military wars were on the rise, there was a need for a reformer and a teacher who would teach the Arabs (and then the teachings to be spread all over the world) how one should live the life, especially the way they treated the women in the society was disgraceful and disrespectful. Burying daughters was a custom and normal norm for the society because they thought the daughter brought disgrace to their family, by having relationship with other men, be it even a legal marriage. This was the cruelest of the acts Arab would commit at the time.

God (Allah) took mercy on His creation, be it humen or animals (because ISLAM gave the rights to animals too). When he was born, his father already passed away before his birth, while his mom died when he was merely 6. Then his grandfather took care of him until his death when Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was only eight. Now the question was who would raise him, and consequently, his beloved uncle Abu Taalib took his responsibility and supported him all the way, in happiness and grieve, taking good care of him, more than his own children and that is why Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) respected him so much.

Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was of 25 years when he first got married to one of the noblest ladies of Arabia, Khadijah (May Allah be Pleased with her). She was 15 years older to Mohammad (Peace be upon him) and lived like an exemplary life together. When he was given the Prophethood at the cave of Hira, he found his wife all beside him, soothing him and encouraging him. The Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) used to cry at times whenever he would remember her in later days and Ayesha (May Allah be pleased with her) used to be envious because of the love the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) had for his deceased first wife, as he would say she was the lady who stood by him in the time of turbulation when everyone else stood against him. The Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) was very loving to his wives, always respected them and never beat them. If he wouldn't like anything, he would simply ignore it instead of creating a mess as we do today. He was the most gentle to his wives and never let them down.

Mohammad (Peace be upon him) was an exemplary father too. He treated his offspring in the best manner and he was a perfect father. When his two daughters, Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum, who were married to the third Caliph Uthman (May Allah be pleased with them all) died, the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) was very grieved. Also, when his sons died one after the other, and especially Ibraheem, he shed the tears but at the same time uttering "To Allah we belong, and to HIM will we return". At times, when his dearest daughter Fatimah (May Allah be pleased with her) used to visit him, he would stand up in respect and offer her place to sit. He never left a stone unturned to bring his offspring up in the best way one could ever do and it is Mohammad (Peace be upon him) only who could do everything in a perfect way. Though Mohammad (Peace be upon him) never had a sister but he respected his foster sister, Sheema, a lot. When Muslims captured some prisoners of her tribe and she was captured as well, she wanted to meet him. The companions (May Allah be pleased with them all) questioned her why she wanted to meet him? She replied that he was her brother. When she appeared before him, he said he didn't have any sister and she then told him that she is his foster sister, daughter of Haleema Saadiah, who breastfeed Mohammad (Peace be upon him) when he lived with them. She also told him signs and the Prophet (Peace be upon him) recognized her and offered her place while spreading his own wreath on the ground. He then ordered to not only release her but give her amount to take with her as well. She said that her tribesmen will point fingers at me that I left the rest back and came back. So the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) released the rest of the prisoners. What a perfect warrior!

As a son, he did not enjoy the days to live with his mother since she died when he was only 6 and he had very rare memories of those days, but yet he would remember her. He had foster mother who breastfed him as it was normal custom amongst the nobles of the Arabs to send them in the outskirts of Makkah (Mecca) so that they learn discipline, be educated and learn the art of fighting. He used to respect his foster mother very much and showed this respect and love for her on many occasion. In short, the Prophet Mohammad's (Peace be upon him) life is pefect from each and every angle and this is why, he not only won the hearts of those who liked him (and still do) but also of those who were his worst enemies. Even his enemies knew a lot of his traits but due to their stubbornness, they would never listen to him and the world remembers Mohammad (Peace be upon him) in very respectable way while his enemies are always cursed upon. (Sal'Allah-o-Alaih-e-Was'sallam)!

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