Mommy! This New Year is not about me.

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Mommy! This New Year is not about me.

A spring is here again. These days surely the Vietnam Tet cold and crowded, is not it fun parent? Sometimes I crave the feeling of cold fingertips where her mother went implants these days, frugal meals cravings but warm winter by the fire of the sunset, listening the voice of the mother, maternal great memory Oh!
This spring I do not about, not decorate home with her mother, not the mother carrying shopping festival, buy blueberries, rice cakes wrapped not help mother and father are not going to dig on the shifting selected branches to plug into jars record Tet average. I know my parents and everyone at home will miss you so much! This New Year I had a new member, I would be less hard than when braided preparation. Family meals also dress warmer for hand preparation of two women who have no mother. Great family home this year make her mother happy right here. The kids will test different baby babbling, laughing with new clothes. I like it best as it involved kids singin scene together when New Year's greetings, with his children lovely clothes with style envelopes and pink cheeks.

New Year in! Is the moment to spring, is now moving his earth. And another year has passed. Drizzle lightly falling, no smell groggy throne as the first rains down, but filled with the sweet freshness which own a coming spring. New Year do you remember about those early days, the plot was stolen just wanted to go to school to be going out New Year's Day, go shopping festival, a festival of spring.

New Year do you remember the scene in the village seemed more bustling, busy with footsteps preparing braided line shopping, and to get together for hours á í Spring Fair, to the announcement, chopping boards rattle sounded like a busy spring symphony begins.

I remember the days of Tet, the shopping Spring, was watching the lilies bloom early, shoots peach, apricot pots emerge to wake up after the cold winter. I remember the day street festival burden garish colors, the curious summer, fly balls to the hot bakery. I remember vegetables, the fish, remember the mothers, the sisters all living out the last days of the year. Cho brutal but somewhere bullion still someone left side shoulder silhouette vegetables last day when the afternoon sun hurried through.

"Drops of sunshine fall, the market fell pm
Sun drops away quickly hurried life
My mother lieu shape markets reel projector
I wear skinny mom ball in fair life "

Tet remembered for making the pink fire with pots of steaming rice cakes ngut. The hot banh chung, potatoes, cassava baked fragrant fun in the kitchen while the cake pan look for mother and son mother knows that this year will again be alone to look food cake pan. I remember the first day of the new year the same mother as cook-off, cooking tea and chicken ancestor worship, remember that feeling when the road ran out 7h to no one, do not enjoy the silence , the sight of green fields and grass, the quiet winding streets in the early sun, the thatched roof covered with gold plates make me think of the verse in "spring ripening" of Han Mac Tu: "The sun blushed passionate dream tan fumes. Sometimes thatched roof covered with gold plates. Wind rustling dresses specifically tease. On disaster management platform to spring ball. "

New Year, Spring is fun for everyone, but for the happiness it back together with a bit of sadness is invasive. Because I know that every spring to the mother is old, the older the mother, the mother's hair more silver, is the date I was at her side was shortened, health and youth of the mother was Spring brought away, is not circular filial child, as full of the sadness in offering this new year I was not at her side. Lunar New Year makes them scared of springtime rings afraid the days went by so fast and I wish my parents always healthy this spring when I was not at home.


You know you are afraid of spring
Coat the sleeve up time youth
Plum blossom once the responsibility lightly golden
Quietly swallow wings about my heart wilt

Beautiful spring filled piece of the moon
Child feared not the dutiful round
When her mother's health had robbed dry spring
Left is sorrow for the pain ...

Spring accidentally, how superficial
Relieved to shoulder the burden of hardship mother
Far away markets should close off the trigger fatigue
I just wish that more healthy people

But Mom, I can not laugh
When the spring back in my hair
Though the world for that fresh spring
As with the white lime Spring

I know not fear fate orphaned children
The foot of the hill and sunset will dive
Spring heartless mother brought as gifts
For dust clouds, for the time deserted

I'm scared too, scared the spring will bring
The late son never once paid off
Dye my hair time silver color

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