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Most people across the world will all agree that knowledge is power. Although, in a country like Afghanistan many of the citizens will think guns and explosives mean power. To change the mindset of the Afghan people, education in Afghanistan continues to be at the forefront of agendas for this country downtrodden by extremists. Each month schools are being improved with new lesson plans, physical revitalization, and new materials that provide access to the internet.

In Herat, Afghanistan, Hatifi High School is an all female school that is benefiting by having the internet supplied to the school. Women in Afghanistan already have a difficult time gaining full rights and respect throughout the country, so getting a good education while having access to the world wide web will put them in position to make strides in the long term.

Currently, info on Afghanistan states the country already receives significant financial assistance from NATO and the U.S.; the totals are over $4 billion annually to enhance health and education in the country, which has suffered over the years because of the Taliban's rule. In recent news an announcement was made that there is a $16 billion offer in development funds for aid in Afghanistan. These new funds are to be used with firm direction, and will be closely monitored to make sure they are spent as intended. 

With NATO's help and company's like Film Annex lending a hand, Afghanistan is on a path to moving forward in the global society. Education must remain the primary focus of the citizens, with an emphasis on safety to bring the women and country as a whole out of second-rate status.

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