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Has anyone ever imagine that people sometimes just break cndskynd directly covers Arafat hear the sermon, London, Sydney or Dubai to see the match, a city in any countryAsk a moon with the whole world can not see why you would pay varisized bids received.
Around 1920, the Muslims of the world powers, which is divided into the region with the skills to perfection the ground realities of the divine, inspired words and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad are the only truth. Torkham, Taftan and Khunjrab stand by lines on one side and the other side stand the Afghan, Iranian and Chinese, who heads a vast sky.

The moon continued its journey continues, but despite this heavenly reality, the line astrf and other people who are fasting are celebrating Eid. It could be that in Afghanistan Herat, Ardabil in Iran and China in Shanghai have seen the moon, and the countries are celebrating the feast and the feast of boundaries or the sighting of the moon on the Pakistan border at Torkham, Taftan

It will also provide the swing server to the world Muhammad was sent as a prophet to humanity. This global conference of Ulema when schools hold their own view of the world, scholars are gathered on the same platform. Shiite, Sunni, Deobandi, yes, Hadith, you look at all the meetings separately, ranging from the US to Australia, where a sect cndalmaء will gather together, you see the slightest difference brabrbhy will not.
Islamic revolutionary movements gather together the political parties, including Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, and Egypt, including the Muslim Brotherhood, also swing its global gatherings are held, are smoky tqryrn, Muslim Ummah dkhtry are together, unity are shouting.

The Ulema and religious leaders today for one day also agree not possible in this world that Muslims have the same moon, the same sky rises and one month approximately 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 28 seconds, the rotation is complete. A moon from the shores of the Hawaiian island of Fiji will be seen far too fast can put the time and can celebrate Eid.

How ridiculous is that anywhere in the world for more than 24 hours between the two countries did not break. Fiji is located in the eastern corner uhanagr January 5:33 sunrise and sunset is at 6:46. Six hours after you go to the west of Jakarta, four hours badmkh, badqahrh one hour, two hours, five hours after the London and New York in January of the Fajr and Maghrib prayers will pay.

But January saw around the Moon Festival comes to the festival, so it will continue until January, when the moon during his three-day trip that will have been completed. The most shocking thing is that when you see God and His Messenger made to celebrate Eid limits the powers of the world, is drawn limits. Before 1971, it had become Chittagong or Dhaka moon Gwadar and Peshawar Eid was a moon sighting committee members today to ask if he would say, and we know that Bangladesh has notified the separate. Russia is a vast country located in the north of the ground, which are eleven time zones.

A large number of Muslims in Russia, but the Russian army in an estimated forty percent are Muslims. The eleven time zones in Russia living in Russia since the days of Eid, a global srhdhy the 57 Islamic countries which are divided into eleven time zones from Morocco to Brunei are located. But here on the borders of Jordan, Syria and Iran and Iraq borders are bound to separate feasts celebrated his 57 international borders.

The perfection of our Ummah that it calling their sectarian differences are facts. I knew that the whole nation of Pakistan is perhaps the differences. But during 2007 had the opportunity to live in Iran. Night that the entire nation was waiting Hilal Committee will announce. Islamic communities, according to the "Day doubt" which took place the day before 12 o'clock on the moon, I could not be broken. I was eleven o'clock was traveling in, the radio was set, it was announced that the moon sighting committee kaqm moon of Ramadan was sighted.

My driver said that evidence of Iran's comedy "The sun coming along" with the Moon and Sun are today. Our Saudi Arabia or Iran or any other country, whereas it does not separate his country. But the country is an excuse to be separated, their view of the fact that it is separate. It is the boundaries of the nation-states and their orders and more than Sunni Islam and the Holy Prophet made.
Shahid on the last fourteen hundred years of history that informs people of all denominations ever sighting of the moon, did not dispute. Hanafi jurisprudence books, and aldr Hedaya Al-Mukhtar said, the east-west on the sighting of the argument. Maliki theology book "hdayth almjthd" and "mawahib Jalil" the judge Abu Ishaq, "he almahbsun" I told the people of a country to be aware that he has to make up the moon seen. The view of the Hanbalis Yes "alahnaf" and is not listed and in safyaun hanalmgny of the Imams of the Prophet is clear from these reports that there were Sunni.
He said, yes, he said, announcing a total fast Bilal (Tirmidhi, Ibn Dawud) "Allah is the most obvious thing. These traditions are not even mentioned, nor the distance of limits. Today before the moon rises over the coast of Morocco.

Even those few devout and pious, they see the moon and took just a few hours flight Hilal Committee, Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman's standing on the terrace in front of the Karachi binoculars watching the moon set, he testified, When the moon sighting committee will announce the total fasting, or if they lie down, they will announce the day of the feast that fast break. Maybe not that it limits our ground and nation-states than Sunni Islam and the Holy Prophet's happened. A small TV channel from Australia to the US can arrange everything directly. Only cndmqamat on this nation of 57 countries established a moon of Ramadan and Eid gift to the whole nation can not.

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