Moscow Flies-in to Save Damascus Assad

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Any help to peace when later today Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is scheduled to land in Damascus? Not likely, although both Assad regime and Moscow will look to put best face on it – they are likely to announce some cease-fire and/or political initiative which will probably last for less than 24 hours. Today’s closing of US and several EU embassies in Damascus was more a message to Moscow than Assad’s backers – they had already made it clear that Assad needs to go. This was Washington and Europe pay-back for Moscow veto of Syria resolution on Saturday (February 4, 2012). Moscow has also lost all standing with most Arab League member states. Thus, my old colleague Lavrov’s trip is more about posturing for the next diplomatic battle at the United Nations. Read our Article: - “Who is Russia’s Sergey Lavrov” - The Syrian situation will come back to the UN, and sooner probably later. We still are of view that an initiative within the UN General Assembly to “suspend” Syria would be an appropriate step, at least in part because it would deliver leverage with respect to Assad’s backers within the UN Security Council. Read – “Veto of Syria Resolution Portends Seismic Shifts” - Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey - FOLLOW mo @MuhamedSacirbey Facebook-Become a Fan at “Diplomatically Incorrect”

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 UN Photo - Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

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