Most impressive artificial intelligence projects

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"Most impressive artificial intelligence projects" is my new C-Blog for "bitLanders C-Blogging." My previous works are: "Artificial intelligence business: Main features," "Artificial intelligence advantages in business," and "Artificial intelligence technology definition: Approaches and fields of application."

Artificial intelligence technologies are increasingly being applied in practice. They have long been adapted to solve business problems. But now, the AI phenomenon is opening up to a mass audience. Services based on neural networks enter the lives of ordinary people and get a huge viral effect.

All this became possible due to the growth of computer performance, the rapid accumulation of digital data, and the development of machine learning. Analysts believe that in the next decade, the volume of the global software market that uses artificial intelligence algorithms will grow tenfold.

According to their estimates, in 2020, the sales of AI software on a global scale will reach almost $ 90 billion due to the use of six fundamental technologies.

Artificial intelligence technologies will affect almost every business, while the main drivers of the market will be advertising, retail, finance, and healthcare.

The most dynamic growth of the mentioned market is expected in the United States, since this region is the center for the development of innovative technologies, production processes, infrastructure, disposable income, etc.

But what are the most impressive artificial intelligence projects to date? Check out my Querlo chat to find out.

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