Mother and Son

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There was a naughty boy; he was often chided by her mother. One day he was upset with mother and he ran to a jungle next to a valley. Get all his best, he shouted: "I hate everybody". From the forests there was a echo back: "I hate everybody". He felt so panic, turned home and sobbed with mother. The boy could not understand who hate him in the jungle.

The mother held his hand, put his back to the forest. She said: "Now let shout:" I love you ". It was strangely that he had just stopped to shout, a voice spoke: "I love you". At that time the mother explained to him: “My dear, it is the law of our life. You will get back what you give. Who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind. If you hate people, people will hate you as well. EVERYBODY WILL LOVE YOU THE SAME WAY YOU LOVE THEM.

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