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So here it is... my very first blog post, I've been really struggling, not just with what to write, but with motivation in general! But after a long, busy and stressful weekend, I've forced myself to find time to sit down and find the motivation, which sure enough I have! Motivation is something not only I find trouble in finding, but most students have trouble with too! With my weekends effort of finding a new car, arguing pros and cons with family members, buying it and then getting it insured. I've realised that when I really really want something good, I will not stop until I've got it! So I am writing a strong note, more to myself, saying... 'this is the attitude I need to have with all of my work and especially my upcoming film!' In the past I have slacked behind in some of my written work, but after experiencing what I can actually achieve after really trying hard, I know that I can make sure that my film is a success! But not just my film, but other modules, other work and extra curricular activities! So this blog is more or less aimed at myself, but also to everyone who also struggles with motivation! I've found if and when people say that I can't do something or if they just have sheer disbelief in me that I HAVE to prove them wrong. I have been using this as my starting points, but now I am taking a leap of faith and this time, I am not going to let anyone get to that point and I am going to show everyone, just what I can do! Wish me luck. CFOSTS, over and out.

Ps. Here's a picture of my new car

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