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                        Motorcycle has a rich history the first motorcycle was introduces by the German's in 1894 by the Hildebrand and Wolfmullre.The company started its production and introduced their first Motorcycle model in 1896.

In the second world war the motorcycles companies manufacturing the motorbikes at their extreme over 67 countries and the main and company of them is Harly Davidson it is the american company and very old but there no less in the quality in manufacturing the bikes.


                                            After the world war in 1920, were the largest manufacturers in the world and making the motorcycles for over the years and the new brand came which came over and captured the attraction of the people was DKW (Dampf-Kraft-Wagen) (in German it is called the steam engine car).They became the largest brand of manufacturing bikes over Harlay Davidson.


                       Nowdays the industry is is totally based and depends on the technology of China and Japan the most special and the brands that anyone can can easily belief on.Mostly the Motorcycle is used in Asian countries and in Africa and India is the Largest manufacturer of their own brands of Motorcycles and making the boost to this industry day by day as the production goes higher.

This is some kind of know how about Motorcycle and some information I was having about the motorcycles and I am also having bike for about last 3 years and also go for overhauling of it after a month.It Is made by the China motorbike company named as Super Power which competes the other brandes that having full grip over last 20 years on the market This brand is richly famous because it crosses all the other brands Honda,Suzuki,yamaha and many more.

Yesterday, I went for the oeverhauling of the motorcyle.the change the engine oil and change the bearings of the back wheel and also change the chain and the sprocket.because it was making too much sound over the months and this i decided to change it.

As the picture shows that he just putt off the chain cover and loose the chain and get rid of from the front sprocket.

 He is changing the engine bike oil and putting the oil that is so far best and i used to putt in from the day first of overhauling and never want to change because the engine is more use to it and also checking the water level in the little battery.

He is tightening the screw and bolts of the bike to make sure all the bolts are tight nothing to lose because it can cause danger when riding bike on road.

He opened the tool box where there is a place for the air filter he pushed it to get it out of the cylinder and used the pressure air pump to purify it with the dust that was in it and released and change the air filter box as well.

He also opened the carborater and used the pressure pump to blow the air around the very narrow lines to open it to make sure that nothing should left in the lines to disturb the flow of the petrol in the lines.

The machanic is opening the the back wheel screws and the sprocket and the chain as well with it.

This guy is changing the front sprocket as well which was damage and making some nasty sound of it like the train engine.

He is cleaning the air filter by using the pressure pump to blow the air in and out.

He is adjusting the carborater and level of petrol.

Here are some of the image of the mobile oil used mostly in the markets here in our city.


There are many other mobile oil in the market for bikes but i like which more Havoline this is best of all and from the day first i used this for the bike and most of my friends use it as for as the engine capacity is concern and mostly using engine oil around Pakistan.

Wheel is adjusted afterwards 

This is the guy from the village is the machanic and he is doing this work for almost  15 years and he also sell purchase of the Motorcycle best machanic just get the bird eye view of the motrocycle and tells the problem and what to do.He is the supervisor and the main head and the two of the guys are working under him.

This is the tool box and every type of tool he is having in his shop related to motorcycle.

 The mobile oil company's van stopped in the front of the  shop and the man came out the van and said that these are your tokens and won a certain reward which is that you scratch the tokens and the win a the rupees (pakistani currency) on he won almost  500 rupees by just scratching the tokens.

I waited for almost 1:30 hour to get the job done at end i asked for the payment he said 

1150 is the cost of sprockets and the chain

400 is the cost of my work 

and the cost of mobile oil for the engine is 290 

the total cost is 1840 

















































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