Movie Review: " Penguins of Madagascar "

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This Funny Penguins of Madagascar are no longer supporting actors to highlight the main cast. DreamWorks® animation give them a break to be on the headline of the center stage.

Penguin Skipper dubbed by Tom McGrath, Kowalski dubbed by Chris Miller, Rico dubbed by Conrad Vernon and newly hatched Penguin Private dubbed by Christopher Knights are family brought together on Antarctica after Private's birth. This Adventurous Penguins decided that they don't want live like other penguin so they set out exploration beyond the frozen artic.

This movie is filled up of many life lessons like the bond and love between each members of the family. this movie also high lightened the importance of every member of team  whether it is small or big. and also each of everyone has distinct qualities. this movie was ridiculous fun. 

Penguins of Madagascar is a great movie filled with fun and lesson for the whole family. Parent like me will enjoy this and children will delight zany antics of adorable creatures









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