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Walt Disney once said that films can be and have an enormous influence in shaping the lives of young people to achieve goals and objectives as they mature, and the animation is a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment that can give pleasure and information to audiences of all ages. This idea has once again manifested by Disney in their newest movie, "Zootopia". An animated film that is rich of meaning, managed to create an arena for audiences of all ages, both young and old, came to the theater, sit down, and have fun together.

"Zootopia" is a lightweight animation, intelligent and meaningful, typical of classic movies from Disney. Here, the animal characters as the central character is not just a gimmick for fun only, but also became the foundation to raise social issues such as gender and race discrimination, without ever seem patronizing or too serious.

Zootopia Official US Trailer

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Release dates
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Byron Howard
Rich Moore
Jared Bush
Jared Bush
Phil Johnston
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
March 4, 2016
108 minutes

In Zootopia, all animal species live in harmony. They behave like a human being in general; wear proper clothing, build civilizations and contribute to fellow citizens according to their respective roles. Then the views of a marmot in charge on Wall Street, an elephant who peddle ice cream, and a beaver that was doing construction work, is a common situation in Zootopia's world.


Welcome to Zootopia

Departing from a family background of farmers, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) is an idealistic female rabbits from Bunnyburrow village. She willingly left her family to pursue her dream of being part of the Zootopia Police DepartmentJudy Hopps became the first rabbit who joined Zootopia Police Department. Just like in the real world, police department in Zootopia also not much different, where contains with wild creatures such as rhinoceros, wolves, lions, hippos, etc. While the female is still underestimated, especially small animals like rabbits.

Judy Said Goodbye to Her Parents

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This reason also makes Captain Bogo (Idris Elba), simply assigning Judy as a parking attendant; completely negate the fact that Judy is the best graduates in her class. The status of the rodent species that is still underestimated in Zootopia Police Department, makes Judy intend to prove herself by risking her career to solving the disappearance of an otter. This is where Judy met with Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a cunning fox, who brought Judy involved in a case of the mysterious disappearance of a number of mammals that full of conspiracy theories.

Solve this mystery brings Judy and Nick around Zootopia and met with a variety of characters such as Mr. Big (Maurice LaMarche), the fox thief; as well as an eccentric naturalist group led by Yax (Tommy Chong). Can Judy solve the case and prove that the species of rodent and females can become ZPD officer to be reckoned with?

In Zootopia, Anyone can be Anything

Although the main characters of this film are the two characters above, however the main premise is the dynamics of Zootopia City itself. Manuscript of Jared Bush and Phil Johnston raised by directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore combined adventure, buddy-comedy, action, and neo-noir genre, which is made multi-layered mystery and conspiracy involving bureaucracy, but still in lightweight packaging which easily digested by the audience.

The animated movie that trying to bring this approach to classical themes for young audiences in the story are numerous, but the animation that manages to convey the themes in a dense composition is not much. "Zootopia" managed to convey a familiar theme from the common type of Disney animation very well, such as the attitude of never give up, continue to pursue the dream, the importance of friendship, until the theme is a bit more complex as not to be underestimated others. Wait a minute, maybe things above was impressed quite heavy, but pulled it under the control of three people who were behind the success of Tangled (Byron Howard)Wreck-It Ralph (Rich Moore), and Big Hero 6 (Jared Bush), the film it never feels like a civics lesson in cinema.

Judy, the Female Rabbit Who Never Gave Up

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Indeed, the issues of education and manners had occasionally steal our attention, however they are placed with a slick way, thanks to the ability of the writer and director in processing the material intelligently. Yes, clever, even the issue of uniformity, ideology, science, race, to politics, successfully tickle without seeming to deviate from the main goal to be the entertainment for the familyHoward, Moore, and Bush successfully developed a naive synopsis becomes a detective adventure that full of comedy and a clever burlesque, moves dynamically and feels more energetic and full of surprises. In addition to the colorful character with a sweet charm, that of course still be used as the main shaft to steal attention.

Speaking of visuals, no blemish of Disney's execution on this movie. A variety of anthropomorphic animals is not just treated in physical terms, but they also maintained its charm flawlessly. As usual, Disney expertly build the universe in the film. We will look at the various parts of Zootopia like tundra, rain-forest, desert, etc., served with amazing graphics. The animation is colorful with cute characters will spoil the spectator. Coupled with pretty much action and humor that inserted to draw our attention. However, allegory, moral messages and pop culture references can also be injected to the audience.

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The quality of the animation is very adorable and the gesture of the characters feel rich. They are not just capable of displaying a combination of retro and modern spirit of the character visually, but also managed to strengthen the content of the story, from humanism to peace and harmony. This is important because the issues are quite diverse in the story, then it needs to be a character that can be the intermediary that such issues are left off the audience in a fun way. And Judy and the other characters successfully doing it in a relaxed and modern approach. In addition to the story that has compelling grooves, beautiful and solid visualization, also on point messages and jokes, the characters which are interesting and funny also become one of the advantages of "Zootopia".

Flash, The Fastest Sloth at Department of Mammal Vehicle

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In addition to successfully become an entertainment that balancing between moral values and fiction, the directors also should thanks the voice actor. Goodwin and Bateman managed to create a chemistry that is strong enough for Judy and Nick. Which is to be the highlights of the performance of voice actor is the chemistry that they built for the character is very pronounced. Where "Zootopia" movie depicts the life of the Zootopia citizen that made up of diverse animal species, both from domestic animals to predators. The impression that they can live together in peace and harmony managed well formed thanks to the chemistry between the characters delivered by the voice actor.

The Persistent Rabbit and The Sly Fox

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Disney returned firmly to their establishment to make an animated film which is not just a mere entertainment, but should also be able to educate without forgetting in his duties as an animated film. Reworks the themes that already familiar with "heavy" material in ingenious ways, succeeded in creating the impression as a bold spectacle. Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Jared Bush formed a naive plot containing stories that you would expect but is equipped with a pleasant surprise. Playing a message "everybody is awesome" by using an eye-candy visual, clever story, and charming characters."Zootopia" is an animated film that easily enjoyed by adult audiences and make the young audience to have fun and bring a variety of simple lessons when they back home. One word, MARVELOUS. This one is a 10 out of 10 for me.

Noted: Indonesia became one of the countries that able to watch this movie earlier than the United States, which is on February, 17 2016.

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