Muhammad Ali jouhar

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Maulana Muhammad Ali Jouhar

Muhammad Ali’s father was a member of the Rampur nobility. The state of his finances was not at all satisfactory for he was heavily in debt. He died when Muhammad Ali was only two years old. The family was not left very well-off by their father. The responsibility of bringing up her six children in those straitened circumstances fell on the mother. She was a respectable and courageous woman for she undertook to tackle her difficulties quite independently. She wanted her sons to be educated in English. In those days education in English was regarded as a taboo and all such ideas were considered with great disfavor. The uncle of the boys was violently opposed to this step. He regarded it as a violation of the noble usages of their family. He even threatened to stop all allowances for Shaukat education. The mother remained firm in her purpose, and pawned some jewellery for her son’s education. Finally their uncle gave way against the resolute determination of their mother.

Muhammad Ali had his schooling at Rampur barely and Aligarh. As a boy he was found of games and was rather carefree and sportive. He had an excellent memory though his unruly and happy-go-lucky habits annoyed his mother and elder brother, Shaukat Ali. This irresponsible boy startled his family by securing the first position in the B-A examination of the Allahabad university. Shaukat Ali who had never taken his brother seriously now changed his attitude. He was at that time a high government official and making a respectable living. By his best efforts and financial help Muhammad Ali was sent to England for further studies.

He passed his honors in history from Oxford and did not join the Indian civil service as his brother wished. This circumstance finally proved beneficial to his country. He came back to India after a stay of four years in England and became a district officer in Baroda. At this time Muhammad Ali made momentous decision. He made up his mind to enter upon the career of journalism and left for Calcutta the capital of India. Better posts and financial prospects were offered to him but he rejected them all for a career which was not only hazardous but also most formidable. Muhammad Ali embarked on his new profession with very meager resources bat his disposal. He lacked all the essential paraphernalia and facilities for journalism.