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 This man is a true legend in the graphic design community. Josef Muller-Brockmann is in fact the king of the grid system, specifically Swiss design principles in the graphic design world.

Brockmann was the leading theorist and practitioner of Swiss Style graphic design, which revolved around a universal graphic expression that used a grid-based design to practically eliminate the feeling of subjectivity in a work.

He gave order to a world filled with chaos by organizing each and every line, measurement, color scheme and the like in a very specific manner. One of many favorite quotes by Muller-Brockmann is his very clear and concise interpretation of art by stating in an interview for Eye Magazine, “The greatest works of art impress through their balance, their harmony, their proportions, all of which can be measured.”

What inspires me most about Muller-Brockmann is his curiosity. He was not born with the thought that one day he will be a graphic designer; he simply fell into the field and revolutionized the industry with his vast number of accomplishments and works of art

Muller-Brockmann spoke volumes with his work. One of my favorite works has to be the very well known Josef Muller-Brockmann Poster Series, which he designed for the Zurich Tonhalle. The designs of these posters are absolutely fascinating.

Brockmann was able to clear the clutter, institute structure and produce a highly inspirational series. He evokes clarity, harmony, movement and defined structure all in one piece. His designs are still used in the modern world as a method of portraying organization, clarity and a “modern” style.

Brockman was definitely ahead of his time. Nonetheless, this incredibly talented individual gave the world inspiration, especially for the youth of the nation who want to make a difference. Muller-Brockman would most likely tell every individual with a passion to grab a book, express your curiosity and be very self-critical. He was a true master.



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