Multan ka jwaan: Part-1

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Epesode # 1

Introduction of character:

Shahzad:Hero:Son of Imraan.

Tahira:Heroine:Daughter of Zubair khan.

Sajda:Mother of Heroine.

Nooren:Mother of hero.

Noman:Elder Brother of hero:son of imraan.

Jabbar:Father of horoine:Khan of Multan:

Zahid:son of jabbar.

Baloach:Enemey of Imraan.

Shopkeeper:Zubair .

Gunday:Number of Thirty.

Saqib:Friend of Hero:Very funny boy.

Nawaz Gul:Father of Saqib.


On the Morning Shahzad and his mother went to shopkeeper of Nawaz Gul.At that time shahzad ‘s age was five years old.And rain start.Then shopkeeper said to Shahzad,s moter, “please,you come in the shop.”After this his mother and shahzad went in the shop. At that time one boy was running from other shop.

Shahzad caught him by felling them.Shahzad’s mother asked the other shop keeper,”why are you running behind the boy “.Then other people said to his mother, “he does not give me money for grapes.”Then his mother give them money.After this other people went from Nawaz Gul’s shop.Then his mother asked the name of boy.He tell his name,”my name is Saqib”.

His mother adviced to the boys. And at that time pay the thanks for pleasure with him. At that time Jabbar’s jeep coming.In the jeep was very cute girl.After seeing him hero was very happy.

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