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Multimedia applications have made the world of graphics more beautiful, creative and interesting.


Multimedia has many different meanings to different people. To some, multimedia means their computer has a CD-ROM drive. So, the term multimedia refers to a combination of elements to create a dynamic, visual presentation that catches the viewer’s attention and maintains their interest throughout the presentation.

MULTIMEDIA is the use of computers to present text, graphics, video, animation, and sound in an integrated way. Till the mid-90s multimedia applications were uncommon due to the expensive hardware. But now with the increase in performance and decrease in price, multimedia is common. Taday nearly all the PC users are capable of playing audio, video and can watch presentations with the help of multimedia applications.

MULTIMEDIA ELEMENTS. There are six elements___Text, Graphics, Photographs, Sound, Animation and Video___that can be included in a multimedia presentation. Obviously a true multimedia presentation combines all of these elements.

TEXT. Traditionally, text has been used to convey messages. Although text is an excellent device for delivering information but text can often be too slow at getting the message across. If you only have 3 seconds to grab past your display, text is not going to get the job done. However, the importance of good text and strong content in your presentation cannot be understated.

GRAPHICS. Graphics can convey messages instantly. Compare a printed table of sales figures with a graph of same figures. Trends are immediately evident in the graph. A picture can be worth a thousand words if used properly to convey you message.

PHOTOGRAPHS. You can write pages to describe your product but you can even use image of your product. However, nothing can describe your product like a full colour photograph. Full colour photographs can also add impact to text and graphics.

SOUND. Without any doubt, sound is the best way to attract attention. Simple sound effects can easily be used to draw attention to various aspects of your electronic brochure. Voice-overs and music add depth to a presentation and make it more enjoyable for the viewers.

ANIMATION. We see pictures, text and different effects moving and zooming in a specific way called animation. This is the most recent type of graphic enhancement in the field of Computer Sciences. Animation doesn’t necessarily have to involve complex 3D graphics in multimedia presentations. Simple animations add enjoyment to your presentation and attract the attention of viewer.

VIDEO. In the past, video has been defined as multimedia. A video makes use of all of the elements of multimedia, bringing your products and services alive, but at a higher cost. The cost includes cost of scripting, hiring actors, set creation, filming, post-production editing and mastering. Five minutes of live action video can cost many times more than a multimedia production. For these reasons, video has traditionally been used sparingly.










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