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Afghan Culture and Music Exchanged

Afghan International Music Group visits Chicago to share music and culture with typical American band students.  The hope is that the cultural exchange will allow these children to gain a little understanding about the world and perhaps change the thoughts of some people by becoming more tolerant and understanding of themselves. This was made possible through Silk-Afghanistan program which provides high speed internet.  This is allowing students in Afghanistan to gain exposure to many different ideas from around the world.  This broadening perspective, if it is allowed to continue to grow will help the future generations of Afghanistan to perhaps reach for a type of life that was previously unavailable to them.

The Exchange in Chicago provided a stark contrast.

First you have the Afghan students who are playing their traditional Afghan music followed by an American Band, playing their music.  I think that the music is secondary to the exchange of culture and the transference of ideas.   On the American side, I think that the less students in our country take their education for granted, the better off they will be, as students and as citizens of the United States.

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Lucky For Freedom

As for the Afghans, you have to understand that the Taliban that was leading their country, until America became involved, was a very repressive and backward regime.  They brutally punished people for simple things, like enjoying music.  Yo could be arrested, punished or even killed if you were caught with the wrong music.  So many people are not going to trust the government to protect them.  That is why being exposed to the freedom that exists in the United States can have a lasting effect on the young people of the region.  Once these ideas become real to someone, they will not easily be given up.  It will be nearly impossible for the Taliban to rule Afghanistan in the same manner as before because organizations like Silk-Afghanistan. I think that feeling fortunate for all that we do have here in America is important.  We have experience freedom for our entire lives, we are allowed to go to school, both boys and girls without having our lives threatened.  We really have the opportunity to do whatever it is that we want to do.  To have dreams, and to try to achieve them.  I think all Americans should see how lucky we are living in freedom and liberty.

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