Mutan ka Jwan(episode#9)

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But hero shoot them with all abilities with save himself. At that time two gunday come behind his back and pulled his pistol and beat mostly to him. He can’t fight because of weakness.Only he has the ability to shoot with gun and save himself. Baloach became very happy.Baloach said to hero,”after the death of my brother,I am khan of Multan.”

Hero said to him,”if you are khan of Multan then I am heart of Multan. If you want to do something with the heart of multan then you will never called khan of multan but you are called khan of dead bodies.” After hearing his talking, Baloach began to beat him but hero give a smile and said the hero,” I am younger boy of Multan. You could not give me horror with beat.” At that time police of hero’s department was coming. At least, eight jeeps of police with Saqib reached here for save hero’s life. When all police stands around the home of Baloach and said to arrest himself with speakers,but Baloach called to minister and after ten second punjab police has been come and give order to Multan Police ,” Multan police go to the department.”

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