My Artistic Statement

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What power and influence does a film maker have? This is how I see myself and what power it has for me.


My title would be filmmaker but this is not what I see myself as. I am aspiring to be a story teller, that’s what I believe the idea of film making is, the ability to create emotion through telling a story is magnificent. I am an emotional learner, I learn things through feeling where it comes from and why, if it doesn’t move me into a certain emotion I will not take anything from it. As a storyteller I want to pass that onto others, make people feel an intended way towards a character etc. Our emotions control everything we do in our lives and how we think, so what if a storyteller controls our emotions through film? That’s what my goal is to become, an influence

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I am currently studying Media (Film) Production at Staffordshire University, I am in my second year and already enhancing my film making skills. I have volunteered at the BYFA, worked for The Prince's Regeneration Trust project at Middleport pottery and also helped out with the 'Have A Go' sessions for…

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