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I have many able teachers. But Miss Fozia is my favorite teacher. She has all the qualities which clam my admiration. She is our lecturer in Biology. She has a kind, smiling face, bright eyes and long black hair. I remember that very first time I meet her, I was impressed by her personality.

She is a true scholar and has a grip on her subject. She teaches biology in an extremely interesting and effective way. She speaks in a lively and conversational manners, every now and then asking the students for their views. This naturally inspires confidence in us and hold s our attention. Indeed, during her lecture we are so much absorbed in the lesson that no one has time to think of any mischief. What a pleasure to have a teacher who commands attention and respect not by angry threats but by devotion to his subject. She is certainly popular with the students, and the secret of her popularity is her real sympathy for them.

She is always willing to help. If you go her with a problems, you will not disappointed. She will offer her mature advice without any show of superiority. She helps the students but does not seek or encourage intimacy. She never choses favorites, because she has no need of flatterers. Her love, sympathy and advice are for all. She can speak off-hand on any topic suggested to her. It is a pleasure to hear her talk on any subject. Indeed she is the one, who is my favorite teacher.

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