My BitLanders Experience: Journey to the Leaderboard

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First things first, my aim for writing this article is to share my experiences here on BitLanders. I am not focusing on giving advice or something like that. I want to share what I did along the way in my journey on the leaderboard.

How Did It All Start?

I have been working as a freelance writer for years. However, to tell you honestly, I am not confident in the skills that I currently have. I wanted to take my writing skills to the next level.

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I thought that it would be good to find a platform where I could practice and learn. Also, if there would be an opportunity to earn at the same time, why not? What came to my mind was to do it through blogging.

I was confused at first. I did not know where I should start. Should I create an account on WordPress?

I thought that I would like to create my blogging site on WordPress but not this time. Currently, I just wanted to improve my blogging skills, specifically my grammar, SEO skills, tone, and diction. I am not yet prepared to create a blogging website that I can show to my clients as my portfolio.

Then, I remembered BitLanders.  

My Old BitLanders Account

Honestly, I was a member here two years ago. I was not BoredBee; I was Ravens. I stayed here for almost about two to three weeks.

BoredBee via BitLanders

During that time, I was fascinated by bitcoin. Cryptocurrency was new to me. I went crazy about it when I discovered that 1 BTC was equivalent to $200 to $300 back then.

Therefore, I looked for ways to earn it. I tried satoshi faucets, games until I finally came across bitLanders.

I joined here with the only one motivation, to earn bitcoin. I was already writing at that time, but I did not have much passion for it. So, if you are going to visit my old account, you would see that I only wrote just one crappy blog titled, “How to Forget the Pain of the Past.”

BoredBee via BitLanders

To survive on BitLanders, I focused on increasing my buzzes by buzzing and subscribing to a lot of people. I requested subs and buzzes too. Also, I posted 10 to 20 microblogs per day and created a video series called “Merge the Faces.”

Here is one of the videos:

Ravens via BitLanders

You know what? This technique worked at first. I do not know if it was because I wrote a blog or was it because a lot of people were buzzing back. Hence, my buzz score soared up.

However, I wasted a lot of time buzzing and spamming microblogs. My other real-life obligations were starting to get affected. So, I started to lose my interest especially when I saw that the earnings did not meet my expectations.

My buzz score plummeted. I stopped buzzing people. Of course, people would stop giving me buzzes too.  

I decided to stop totally when the payment system has changed to bitmiles.

The Comeback

I remembered that on BitLanders, blogs are being reviewed before the publishing. The star-rating system, how can I forget that?

The only problem was the gems. Submitting blogs costs ten gems, and I do not want to use my pocket money to buy them. However, I told myself:

Well, I will try to join the site again and see how far I shall go.

Therefore, I decided to go back here.

I tried to re-open my old account. However, I could not recover it. I forgot the password, even the e-mail that I used for it.  That’s why I created a new account as BoredBee.


BoredBee via BitLanders

The first thing that I did after registration was I visited my old profile. I saw that it was still there. Seeing the contents that I had created, especially my “Merge the Faces” videos, I felt quite sad and nostalgic.

After that, I visited the leaderboard and saw familiar and unfamiliar usernames. The names that I can remember that were still there were Jean-Beltran, Look Up, and AdGoggleKo.

I roamed around the site and saw a few changes. I saw that the site has become simpler than before. A lot of people who were active are now gone. Also, the bitCharity was nowhere to find.

It seemed to me that the site has become sadder than it was before, or probably it was just me.

The Avatar


BoredBee via BitLanders

I completed the tasks in the quest box to earn free gems. If I am not mistaken, I received a total of 20 gems for doing that. With those gems, I have already decided that I would use them only for blog submission. 

I have learned from my previous mistake. In my old account, I spent my first free gems buying new outfits for my avatar.

But right now, I have already decided to buy new outfits only when I have spare gems.

My First Post as BoredBee 

I started my post through a microblog saying:

Hello, I am a noob on this site. Can anybody please tell how things go around here? Thanky :)

I received stickers and welcome comments. Thanks to ArtGirl and AdGoggleKo for giving me advice and directing me to FAQ.I

t was good that I still read the FAQ even though I was a returning member because I spotted some changes.

I have learned that new members are already entitled to three free submissions. Two years ago, if I can remember it well, there were no free submissions. What served as the free submission was when you use the gems you earned from the quest box.

Another change that I read in the FAQ was that multiple accounts are not allowed anymore. “Oh no”! I told myself. I have the Ravens account.

In fact, I do not know what will happen to my account after this revelation. But just like I told myself before joining here the second time, “Just try and see how far I shall go.” I could not open my previous account, and I did not earn enough to withdraw anything from there anyway. 

Buzzes and Subscription


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It was my style in my previous account to request buzzes and subscription from other members. That was how I got some of my subscriptions and buzzes before.

However, I wanted to be more careful this time. I do not know if bitLanders has become stricter in implementing the rules about sub or buzz requests. What I do know is that I have to be careful because a lot of changes could happen within two years.

Anyhow, I saw some people still requesting for buzzes and subs. I was assuming that these people were new members here.

What I did, I generously gave buzzes to other people. I did not ask for subs or buzzes. I just gave them. If people would buzz me, I would only do my best to buzz them in return.

This process was slow but effective. I received only a few buzzes back in the first few days. But as you can see, this method made my subscriptions, and buzz score grew to what they are now.

My Posting Habits  

Unlike before, I am now a little busy. I do not have the time to post lots of contents anymore. Here is how I frequently do my movie, gallery, and microblog postings per day:

  • One movie
  • 1 to 5 microblogs (I rarely reach five though)
  •  One album (if there is anything available)

Because of this, it was already in instilled in my head that I would never make it on the leaderboard. Since blogging is what I am here for, I would focus on it. I will see how far my  BitLanders earnings and free gems can take me.

My First Blog Submission

This time I am more confident about my writing skills than before. That is why I was hoping that I would receive a better rating than my blog on my previous account. I put in a lot of effort in my first blog here, “Mobile Legends Bang Bang: One of the Best MOBA Games” but it was not enough.


BoredBee via BitLanders

It received just one star. Ms. Hillary criticized the images, length, and alt tags. I was disappointed.

However, I still have one free submission left and 20 free gems. I will not give up.

Seeing Ms. Hillary’s feedback, I thought that she is right. Also, thanks for the advice and tips of my BitLanders seniors ArtGirl, AdGoggleKo, Artbytes, and Sharon_Lopez. I saw that there was a lot to improve.

On the positive note, I realized the weight of blogs here on BitLanders. My buzz score before I submitted my first blog was just 13. After publishing, my buzz score went up to 23.


My Second Blog

Almost a week later, I decided to submit another blog. This time, I made sure that the images used were of high-quality; the article is lengthy, and the format is organized.

After receiving Ms. Hillary’s feedback for my blog, “Learn Which Eyebrow Shapes Will Look Good on You,” I was delighted. My rating has improved. It was not a perfect five, but it was not bad either.


BoredBee via BitLanders

Moreover, my buzz score skyrocketed from 17 to 41.

Since then, I see to it that I always submit my blog at least once a week.

Making It to the Leaderboard

I just continued what I have been doing. I give buzzes to people generously. I write blogs at least once a week. I also post few contents on my gallery, video, and microblogs per day.  

After two to three weeks, I have finally made it on the leaderboard with a buzz score of 58.

As of now after one month, while I am writing this article, I am already at the 13th rank.


BoredBee via BitLanders

In fact I was not expecting that I would make it on the leaderboard; of course, the more that I was not expecting that I would be able to make it in just two to three weeks.

I am not saying that you should do what I am doing. I cannot guarantee that what works for me will also work for you. Furthermore, I do not know if I am going to be on the leaderboard forever.

However, I wish that you have learned something that can help you on your journey on BitLanders.

Thank you for stopping by and for reading my blog.  

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