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I have been working with filmannex for the last seven months but my buzz score never dropped like this before.I don't know why it is so someone says that it is because of over work others say that it is because of sharing more posts and some say it is because of micro blogs.I emailed several times but received no reply from filmannex.

Last time my buzz reached to 85 and then dropped to 55.Even then i continued my work on the hope that by hard work one day i shall reach the same score.I continued blogs,micro blogs and also uploaded videos.In a few days my buzz reached to 70 and i was delighted to see it.I knew i will increase my buzz with the same speed.

When new month began,i wrote an artical of more then a thousand words and i hope that my buzz will reach to 80.I was shocked to see that my buzz had dropped to 28.It was not fair because i have been working very hard.I did not know the reason for all this there were other people who were also working hard but their buzz also dropped.It is a shock for us.I am sad because i think it is joke with me.It is joke with my hard work.If filmannex wanted to decrease my buzz it should not have been so much.they should have dropped it to 55 or so.I am so downcast and so are all the users.I wrote an artical about filmannex and a microblog yesterday.I hoped that my buzz will increase today but rather it dropped. These things dishearten when instead of reward you are punished for your hard work.I request filmannex to read this articale and increase my buzz.please let us know our mistakes so that we may be careful in future.I hope you will consider my request.

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