My Dream about Velociraptor

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Before I wake up the other morning I dreamed of something that leaves me thinking as I woke up.

It's weird but I love dreaming about dinosaurs. It's like going on in an adventure. I also remembered I was being chased by a Trex and I was having fun. lol

Anyway my dream the other day was again with a dinosaur. However it's was a velociraptor. (the picture above)

On a room, we're getting prepared to load ammos in our rifles. I don't know who I am with but we're all ready to fight. Right time came and a velociraptor appeared outside the room. We can see it through the glass sheet. I was signaled to shoot it. I was aiming perfectly. But I was shocked and can't moved. Then someone from outside started shooting it that made the raptor ran away. I get out of the room and chased it but I was too late the other guy already killed it.

I woke up and got the feeling of regret. This dream gave me a lesson in real life. I didn't seize the moment and miss an opportunity. Life always gives us opportunities but sometimes we're too afraid to take a risk.

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