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Success getting what you want, Happiness wanting what you get.

This is Qamar Nisa. I am sixteen years old. I am form beautiful  Afghanistan. Now, I am a sophomore  at St. Margaret's School.

Why do I want to continue my education in the United States?

First, the system of education of education is not good in Afghanistan and most students are trained  to memorize  their lessons. Also,there aren't  enough facilities for education such as lack of well educated teachers, books and school buildings. The security is not good in Afghanistan especially for girls. A violent  group  called Taliban is against educating Taliban. They will use any chance to prevent girls from getting education.  

As  I was growing, I was observing problems of Afghans such  as economic problems   and  lack of security among them. Then, I started thinking how to get rid of these problems in my future life. As a result, I found out that the only thing that can bring change is education. Then, I thought that the schools in Afghanistan can't provide me the education I need, so I decided to come to US to continue my education in order to be well educated, but it was hard to believe that I could get this chance because it is really challenging to get acceptance at American schools. However, what inspired me so much and made me to believe that I can do was a book written by an Iranian psychologist, Alireza Azmandian, in which he talked about his life and how he changed it. When I read one of his book called Technology of thought, my belief was totally changed about myself. The whole of point of his book is " Think and Create" He tells people that whatever you dream of today, you get it tomorrow. If you think positively, you get positive things. If you think negatively, you get negative things. If you want to get your goal, start working on it and believe in your ability, you can get it. Then I resolved to get scholarship from school in America. The processes That I went through were that I started learning English language in 2010 and I took TOEFL test in 2013. Then, my English teacher, Hussain Yousofi, introduced me to Afghan Girl Financial Assistance Fund. When I sent my TOEFL score to this AGFAF, this Organization sent my score to many schools. Then, successfully, I got acceptance at St.Margaret's School. By the way, I thank all members of Afghan Girls Financial Assistance for supporting me financially. If AGFAF didn't help me, financial problem would be a serious obstacle in my way.What are my interesting experience in the USA. one of important experience is that I have noticed education system is excellent compared to Afghanistan because students have well educated teacher that students in Afghanistan don't. Also, there are 40 to 50 students in a typical class in Afghanistan, so there is less chance to ask question from the  teacher. However, in the US, there are fewer students in a class, so the students have the chance to participate and ask question in the class. Another thing that I have experienced here is time management very well because I am really busy with studies and sport activities, so have to use my time according my schedule effectively.When I came to school for the first day, I was surprised by a lot of home works because I was not used to that much home work in Afghanistan, so I decided to cut my sleep cutting hours in order to have enough time to do my homework and I kept getting up 5 Am every day for the entire week . Usually students at my school get up at 7:30 Am and our classes start at 8:30 AM. Finally. I made a good schedule for my daily activities  and it works well for me. Moreover, Since I came to US, I feel secure since the security is good in Afghanistan especially for girls. Beside, I have more opportunities here than Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, I never had the chance to play sports at school, but we have different types of sports with kind coaches. I want to conclude my speech by expressing my goals in the future and my hope for my country. I want to major in political science and I want to be a leader in my country because I want to support Afghan women and I want to solve the problems that I observe now as much as I can. My hope for my lovely country are to see security among all Afghan people and see all people united. I have positive hope for my country because now most of new generation is getting education compared to past. They will bring wonderful changes. Also, I hope not to be asked " is Afghanistan a normal country? are you safe in Afghanistan?


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My name is Qamar Nisa. I am from kabul Afganistan. I am sixteen years old. Now, I am studying at St. Margaret's high school.

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