My Experience with Dell Used Recently Purchased Laptop

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My first keyboard used file

I found this branded laptop is used by aged people and this helps for them to type as typewriter that is the reason youngsters hate this brand because they need hard press in keys most of us used with type writers many of us died through heart attack by working as typist, but we never realized we need to have soft touch keys and keys should be working as typewriters in fact no additional keys than alphabetic and numeric keys to use, this is enough for them to make money because they can type and save and offer as printed content through any devices.

Now how for this saves time for writing is a question once this is tried in practical in tomorrow job  now all can understand he could earn money from anywhere through writing and presenting on both sides difficulties and permitting people to decide what they need.  

Generally in all mind typing is difficult and that makes them to use other ways for communication and now it has ended in face to face communication with voice, in many histories we all learned and practically enjoying all these devices so we all human accepted the 

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