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I have been absent from writing due to producing and directing an advertisement for a company called Flux. They make fine bone china and are sold in 22 different countries. This has taken up large portions of my time, so I do apologise.


Ok so this blog is about the personal journey I have been on since September. Thee experience have been a stressful, highly time consuming, but one that I have no regrets about. As production day approached the nerves were beginning to show; although I had planned down to the minuet detail there was this sense of not being prepared. I am pleased to announce that the production day went relatively smooth.


So this experience has taught me many things; but the biggest lesson I have learnt was how much I don’t want to be a director or a producer. This left me with evaluating my future once more. After much thought and participating in other projects the prospect of sound design became more prevalent. With a background and interest in music and sound it seems a logical decision. Creativity was the stand out component in this advertisement, as I wanted to make a advertisement that felt magical and epic. The use of over saturation in the orange and reds gives the feeling of warmth and comfort.


This accompanied by the fairy tale music and the advert seems to have a form of magic. So overall I am happy with the outcome, although like every creative person. I can always pick fault with my work, the biggest challenge has to be accepting that the advert can’t be changed.


Improvements that I have noticed in myself are; increase in self-confidence both on the phone and around strangers. Time management and being self-reliant has also added to my development as a filmmaker and as a person. One of the biggest developments is the ability to protect the creative vision, as well as accept criticism for fine-tuning the final product. 

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Hi there, I am currently studying film production at staffordshire university. I am also passionate about photography and I want to be in the creative media.

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