My Fairytale’s Illusion

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My Fairytale’s Illusion

A heart he stole away from me
Right from my bleeding chest
And through the wounds, I gave him love
For he deserved the best.

A treasure I held in my hands
That promised he would stay
My prince I had now, finally
He’d never go away…

But through the stormy weather
With the lies I failed to see
My prince had found a princess
And he loved her more than me…

Yet I couldn’t see the damage
Through the dark storm, I was blind
Conceived by what I dreamed for,
Love was perfect in my mind…

Till one day, lightening struck me
My prince left without a trace
My broken heart screamed out his name
While tears poured down my face.

Now I’m crying on this wooden floor
Wishing then I knew
That fairy-tales are make-believe
And dreams do not come true.


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