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Good day! As I have mentioned on my first short blog post, I am fairly new here on the platform. I have read helpful posts about what to do and not to do on the site, how to earn more buzz etc., etc. I am excited to start blogging. 

But as I am new, it is only fitting to let you guys know a little bit more about me. 





I go by Rome in the real world. My officemates call me Romeskie as endearment. I got used to it already which is why I used it as my online name. I am a stay at home mom. My warior princess just turned two years old last month. I left the corporate world to take care of my daughter. I just couldn't let the opportunity of taking care of her while she's still young and vulnerable pass by. 

It was a huge adjustment for me since I was used to my routine of working then getting paid, then getting what my daughter wants, then getting whatever I or my husband wants. It was tough. But we are getting by. It's been two months since I transformed from working mom to stay at home mom. 




I love writing. It has been my lifelong dream that has been suppressed by necessities and daily expenses and monthly dues. I write mostly about fiction, fantasy, comedy and romance. I can also write action and horror but I would prefer not to. I was only forced to write a horror story once just because it was an activity in the group I joined. 



I also love reading. I read mostly about the things that I also write about. Fantasy, and romance. But really not that much of romance on the reading part though. I read all the Harry Potter series, I love J.K. Rowlings rich imagination and powerful descriptions.


I also read Dan  Brown's books. I am trying to imitate how he paints the scene to his readers minds through his words. It was like watching a movie but the only limit is how you will imagine what he is describing. He has brought me to far places while I am comfortably seated in my couch. 

But the first ever novel that I have read was Jude Deveraux's A Knight in Shining Armour. It was a magical and educational experience to me. I have been searching through bookstores trying to find a copy of of the book. 

Oh, I collect books. One of my dreams is to have a library at home filled with various books of different genre. My husband is on charge of filling it with self-help and educational books, I on the other hand fills it with novels and cookbooks. 

I am not a very good cook - let me set that expectation upfront - but I love cooking. I love exploring my mini kitchen and experiment on recipes. I do read the recipe book but I get artistic sometimes when I couldn't find the ingredient in the book. Sometimes it ends in a disaster, sometimes just so-so, but there are times I end up creating a masterpiece. Don't get your hopes too high, I consider it a masterpiece when my daughter - an extremely picky eater - finishes her meal! She is really honest with her reactions. When she doesn't like the food, she will show you how disgusted she is with the taste. Blunt and brutal, that little brat! But when she gulps the food down to the last spoonful, that's saying something!


I am also a homesteader. I love planting. I don't have land to plant my crops on so I plant my crops on pots. Right now I have citrus (mandarin orange, orange and calamansi.)


I also have chillis (green chilli, bell peppers and small chilli pepper.)


I also tried planting avocado in a big pot, although I know once it grows it's gonna need a huge space. I'll just cross the bridge when I get there.


I also have rootcrops - ginger and sweet potatoes.


Today I planted chayote. I forgot about it in the fridge then it sprouted so I planted it. 


I also made a compost in a pail. I figured I had to reduce the amount of trash our household produces so I tried recycling whatever is recyclable and compost whatever can be composted.



I am planning on sharing my mom-ventures here on bitLanders. I'll share my struggles and victories as a stay at home mom hoping to help other moms out there. I'll also show you my recipes, how it turned out in the taste buds of my husband and my daughter. I'll also show you how my crops in pots develop. 

Hope to make more friends here! 


'Til my next blogpost!





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