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Hello dear friends,

Welcome to my first C blogging article and I would like to describe the Joint Family System.joint_family_system

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I planned to write this topic again and this time I prepared a Querlo chat too to describe my topic for my friends.


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Dear friends, as I've told you earlier that I'm going to write my blog with C blogging technology so first of all, I should mention a few words here to tell you what is actually C blogging?

What is C blogging?

As per my best knowledge, C blogging is the last technology offered by Querlo and Bitlanders in which you may write blogs with the help of Querlo chat. C blogging means to describe your words through Querlo chat. You can expand your words through chat using C blogging.

You may read more about C blogging from Sir Micky's article given below;

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Now I would like to return to my topic of the joint family system.

Let me first tell you what is the joint family system?

What is the joint family system?


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The joint family system is the system in which more than one families live together in a single house with each other. They spend expenses all together and can bear the difficulties with each other. In the joint family system, people have many benefits and they can easily and securely spend their life with their families.
Joint family system has many advantages and benefits.

Now I would like to present my Querlo Chat Survey which I've created for you! Please tell me in the comments section if you like it!


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Querlo Chat Survey for Joint Family System:

Here I'm going to present my Querlo chat survey which will give you knowledge of the joint family system.


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Here is the list of advantages;

  • Ease of expenses


  • Ease of mind


  • High security


  • Low earning people can live better


  • Joint Kitchen for all families


  • Closest relations

There are also many other advantages of the joint family system which are very famous. The system is one of the best systems of living together. But there are also some troubles and problems which often occur between families.

Here are some of major troubles and issues;

  • Fights between women

  • Fights between children

  • Very low privacy

  • Individual thinking and some people may want to live separate

  • Living standard is not high

  • Sometimes a few rooms also cause problems

There are also many other issues which may create problems between people who want to spend their life in this system.

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Dear friends, although there are some problems which cause trouble in the joint family system we can understand that the joint family system is much better than any other system of living. The joint family system is very popular especially among the rural areas of my country because our people have not many resources and they can't fulfill all of the requirements of the family.

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Dear friends, You can easily understand the advantages and disadvantages of the joint family system through my blog and Querlo Chat Survey.

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