My First Humanatic Pay Out Request

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Woot Woot! 


I had just made my first pay out request in Humanatic. Humanatic by the way is a site which lets you listen to calls and do certain activity like check on when the customer was connected to a qualified support person or maybe it will ask you to select whoever had assisted the customer and a lot more. It is like you being a quality person for those calls.They are giving few cents per call, it will also depend on the type of call that you are taking in. 


I had started a few weeks ago but was never really serious about it. I feel like the cents were really too low but then after seeing some payment proofs from other users, I was encouraged to try it out and do the certain thing.


After getting more than three categories opened, I was able to get the amount needed for me to click on my first redemption. I am not yet sure as to when it will be given to me though as they had mention they are doing the payments on Mondays or Tuesdays but i am looking forward for it.

Anyone here in Humanatic? By the way, just ignore the name, I used my boyfriend's name for it.

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