My friend

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Everyone of us always has many friends and me too but we only have a few close friends. Today I will talk about my close friend, his name is Khoa and he is 19 years old. He from Binh Thuan, and now he lives and studies in HCM city. I have known him since high school. He is a gentle, friendly and generous person. Especially, he studies very well, so he is studying at HCM City University of Technology. His style is pretty the same as mine for example jeans and T-shirt when he go out. He is pretty quiet so his habits is to listen to music, go to around in the HCM City on the bus alone, or sometimes come with me. He is a fan of Arsenal FC so in the last week, he always watches the football team play on TV and me too. I am very happy when talking about my close friend and I hope we will be close friend forever.

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