My Higher Self

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My higher self: 

Eats an organic plant-based diet, full of ormus, enzymes, probiotics, jing, vitamins, algae, and minerals. Is mostly a liquidtarien with juices, smoothies, teas & tonics. Drinks spring water. Smokes nothing. Breathes deeply. 

Exercises daily and frequently - yoga, dance, hooping & hiking. 

Engages in tantric sex ceremonies based around the highest forms of magic & healing. 

Lives in a healthy environment that is self sustainable - breathes clean air and swims in the cleanest waters of Earth, surrounded by lots of trees, flowers, gardens, food forests and friendly birds & animals. 

Heals with others through music, touch, and wise words. Wakes with the sun and spends most time out doors nude. Communicates with animals & plants.

Wears an authentic smile. Has faith and a connection with God/Source. Trusts Life and the way it unfolds. Chooses to be empowered by everything. Changes peoples lives simply by being present, being free, and being me! 

Is abundant and wealthy in all forms, most importantly with health. Not dependent on government. Is highly influential. Is an excellent communicator and diplomat.

Is totally self-trusting, self-confident, and speaks without hesitation; honestly and from the heart. Spends time fasting, meditating, and consuming entheogens in communion with God/Source.

Wears only organic material clothing (please make organic sparkle clothes lol) Nothing made by slave laborers. Organic furniture, rugs, and house hold materials as well. 

Peacefully creates social improvements and solutions. Judges none, yet discerns exceptionally. Loves everything unconditionally, always, in all ways! 

What does your higher self look like?


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