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My original plan was to submit this as a microblog but then I have so many things to say which lead me here in the blog section. Lol

Firstly, my November 27 daily earnings which was 1.7825 mbtc was not added up to my total earnings. I reported it to their customer service but I wasn't so lucky to receive a reply from them probably because they're too preoccupied with something related to their system. There has been a glitch in my earnings until yesterday night. There was a time (actually times 'cause there's a lot of instances) when after my earnings has been updated to 0.021 BTC, it will then go back to 0.018 BTC. I assumed that this is because they're computing for the total revenue for the month of November.

This morning when I logged in, I was surprised to see that my earnings from the not updated 0.018 something BTC became 0.02496 something BTC. No treasure box arrived yesterday and so I thought that they finally added my missing 1.7825 mbtc. I had the chance to look at my stats only this afternoon and was even surprised to see that I received 4.7802 mBTC. What have I done to receive this huge amount of earnings? I don't know. I'm not even active yesterday. All I did was post a blog and upload some photos. No special thing done. I guess it'll be a mystery for me for the rest of my life. Haha! 

Anyhow, they still owe me my 1.7825 mBTC. Big deal isn't it? I hope they could still resolve the issue. But I'm still thankful for the 4mbtc! :) Thanks bitlanders team! Yahoo!



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