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Happiness is the goal of every man’s life. Every human being wants to pass his life happily and no body wants to undergo pain or torture. Yet there are two types of people in the world – those who desire to pass their life happily whatever price they may have to pay for it in the long run, and those who desire to pass their life, happily, but honestly, for which they have to give sacrifices. The first type of people are not great, whereas the latter type, are really great men.

A famous English poet writes:-

Not gold, but only men can make,

A nation great and strong.’

Those people who make their nations great and powerful are the followers of the second ideology. They believe that happiness is not a goal in itself but it is desirable if it does not hinder the progress of ‘Truth’. I like being happy but only in the second way. I am never prepared to be happy if I get a chance to be so by saying or doing some thing wrong or incorrect.

It is a blessing to be happy in this world. The world is full of griefs and if we may find even one moment of pleasure in its “sick hurry” and “divided aims”, we should never waste it. Today, only that man in happy in happiness is a rare blessing which you have to win. That is whay there are different ways in which different people seek pleasure. My way of being happy is also peculiar with me.

Generally speaking, happiness can be had in two ways – by giving something to others and by taking something from others. Perhaps the oldest way of being happy is to greet your friends with some gift, may be, it is just a flower or a simple smile.

I get happiness in different ways. Firstly, I act upon the principle of ‘giving’. I am pleased to help a poor man or a needy person. If I am able to help some young school boy in doing his sums or something else, I get a great pleasure. My motto in life is that I should live for others. Real pleasure does not lie in spending the wealth of one’s father but one’s own hard-earned wealth. I earn wealth simply to spend it for the needy.

Another way of being happy, for me, is to take long walks. I enjoy rather wearying walks. A good physical exercise fills my body, as well as mind, with vigour and freshness, and I feel delighted.

Another thing that fills me with pleasure is the appreciation of beauty. Beauty gives me happiness wherever it may be. That is why I am fond of beautiful flowers, beautiful butterflies, beautiful birds, beautiful faces, and all that. I like scenic beauty more than anything else. I like to visit Natiagali, Murree, Kaghan, and Chitral for their scenic splendor.

The beauty of books also gives me pleasure. I like to read good books, specially the books of literature. I like poetry more than prose. A really beautiful verse gives me as much pleasure as a fine film to a film lover.

These are some of the ways in which I feel happy. But if someone asks me which of these ways I like most, I would like to say that helping others in any matter or any manner in which I may help them, gives me utmost pleasure.

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I am Muhammad Haneef Khan I am Administration Officer in Pakistan Public School & College, K.T.S, Haripur.

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