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Life is a comedy as well as tragedy. There are smiles as well as tears in it. There are grimmest , oddest , as well as happiest moments in one’s life. Some take the life as a bed of roses while to others it is a battlefield where toughest and bloodiest skirmishes are fought. But in fact, life is neither  a battlefield where continuous  wars are fought nor is it a cushioned bed of luxury. It is as our thinking or our attitude makes us take it.

              Life is neither good nor bad; it is a mixture of virtues and evils. Indeed sometimes life seems to us as a heavy burden of unimaginable horrors while there are other moments when it reflects the endless  and unlimited panaroma  of celestial glimpses. It all depends upon one’ s own bent  of mind or according to one’s individual mood. Thus, varied are the concepts of life ; every one interprets life according to one’s own concept.

               According to my humble view point life must be led in simplicity and humility. Some people think that humility means weakness. Nay, it is absolutely a vague idea . Humility leads one to the highest point of sublimity. Our present life has become extremely , rather abnormally , complicated. We are after the unlimited and unattainable lustre of a glory., though we are convinced that the height of such a glory is unreachable. I wish that our countrymen must give due consideration to the factor of simplicity or simplification. If we lead a simplified and contented life much of our worries would vanish and this madding craze of competitive rivalry will also cease.

                According to my view-point, a life detached from Nature is a barren one, having no spark of divinity in it. We must have an inborn love for Nature because Nature provide us with a rupture that can never be exhausted or pent up. Side by side we must have a bit of idealism. Our modern life has become abnormally realistic and on account of this too much realism, all the  nobler and finer elements of our life have been stifled. At the same time life must not be too much idealistic, we are not to live in this world merely as dreamers or utopians. We must face the realities of life as well. So life must be pleasant and sweet compromise between realism and idealism

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