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    Before I joined this site, the Bitlanders to be exact, I was busy in the other site, Facebook.  What I was busy of in there?


    The applications on my fb will show you how busy I am in that site. hahahaha

    But everything has changed when Bitlanders was introduced to me.  From that time on, assigned from being a private tutor of kids aging 4 year-old to 13 year-old, I sat in front of desktop or just holding my cellphone and busy in bitlanders.  Being here in bitlanders is such an addiction to me.

    Even in my sleep, I dreamed of bitlanders.  How I am in love with this site, and how to cope up on returning the buzzes.  Oh, my subscribers were all so fast on delivering stuffs to me.  How I wish I could get through it.

    A great leader is not thinking of himself only.  Instead, he is encouraging his/her subordinates.  He is the one who led the way.  No matter how hard the situation is, he never leave his followers behind and just saving his own.  Rather, he looked back who was left behind and pulling him using the rope.  Leadership is what that matters to them.  And I salute you all.

   The following used to be my leaders.  They sending me buzzes from time to time, though I never asked anything from them.  But, they are so kind on giving it to me.  Ever since I started joining here, I never mentioned to anyone to send me back buzzes equally to what I gave in.  I just often said, "I return the favor to them".  Reason, those leaders giving me more than I expect for from anyone.  And I owe them a lot, which I can't surely give back from time to time.  Still, their kindhearted manner really put me on the line.

  1.   This man was the first kind, accommodating, and approachable leader I first met on this site.  He answered my quest thru global chat, but then, replied on the wall later.  It takes time for me to understand why he replied on my wall.  Until from two days after, I realized that in there you can get points.  I bow down to you sir @ako-eto for such a good leader.  In my first night on claiming my reward, you are top of the leaderboard.  Bravo to you.  And I am truly proud on you.  
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  2.    Mam @alpana-das you never knew how much I learned from you.  And thank you ever so much for your concern.      
      Source:  YouTube

  3.     Hey sir @mohammad-belal-khan the orange man in this site.  Thank you ever so much for answering all my quest.  You tap my satisfaction.  And still, I won't stop calling you sir.  Hehehehehe                                              
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  4.   @asad-munib

  5.     @adrita 

  6.    @AdGoggleKo

  7.   @abid-khan 

  8.   @arif-hasan

  9.   @buzz_queen

  10.   @dyag

  11.   @che-refamonte-rubio

  12.   @bernalyn-dl-bautista

  13.   @CatherineThanh

  14.   @jean-beltran

  15.   @minato

  16.   @jings007

  17.   @muhammad-muqeet

  18.   @abdulali14

  19.   @sohail5675

  20.   @pari-zaad

  21.   @saori-sam

  22.   @nid-nehate

  23.   @abdul-weenab

    You are all there in the leaderboard when I first enrolled here.  And I am looking back to you all to be there once again.  Reason, you all really shared a great impact to me, the reason why I continually buzzed you even though there are times I failed to do my responsibility as buzzer, yet still, you followed me all through these months.  I humbly thank you all..


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    Lastly, I am grateful having you in this site.  Thanks a lot..  -scb-

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